I spilled my shake....................

:( Can't believe it. i had just made hubby a nice hot toffee and walnut shake, then went to make mine. I had fancied a banana flavour and only had one. Hot water in a measure left a minute , poured the shake in , good old whizz. Some of the shake flew out and burned my hand. I quickly put my hand under the tap leaving my whizzer in the measure - which promptly fell over spilling my shake everywhere. Never have I seen 10 fluid ounces make such a mess. It looked like a bucket full over the kitchen top dripping down the cupboard onto the kitchen floor. I said a few choice words......... I was gutted I was looking forward to it with cinnamon shaken on top:( :( :( :( . I had to have chocolate shake instead. But I did take a slice off my choc orange bar to cheer me up mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:D :D that did the trick.
LOL, Poor you! Its sooo annoying especially when you look forward to a certain flavour. Some weeks I buy a couple of extra of my favourite flavours, for those just in case moments! Not had any more since! Typical tho!
Last night I was drinking a steaming hot cup of soup whenI thought it might be clever to swot a fly. Big mistake!! Sarah now has nice red hot boobies!!:p
Oh Sarah - poor you.

Im terrible for burning myself with my soup!

I'm sorry you spilt your shake but I thank you for posting about it because until I read your post I had never tried banana hot so last night I did and my oh my it's lush....definately one I'll be having again - especially as it's soooo cold:)