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I start on Friday and Terrified doesn't begin to cover it

Hi Everyone

This is my first thread/post on here so please excuse me if I ramble on! As I have kinda explained in the title I start Route to Management on Friday. To give you a bit of my history I started LL in January, lost over 3 stone in Foundation and carried onto Development so now am 6 stone one pound lighter. It feels like its all passed by really quickly and now I'm back to food (almost) I am TERRIFIED. It feels like no-one understands. I never had any bars during my ll journey so I literally haven't chewed anything since January 17th. What if I've forgotten?! It sounds ridiculous - everyone I've spoken to jokes about it and I guess I'm just looking for some kind of support/advice/somewhere where people will understand what I'm going through.
My friends were supportive to begin with - not so much now - one by one as I've gotten smaller than themthey've all suddenly had issues with it. One of my friends who did ll last year and is maintaining at her current weight (her finishing weight and my starting weight are almos identical) didn't have an issue until I lost more weight than she did.

We all went away for the weekend and I got into size 14 clothes -it reduced me to tears, I'd bypassed 14 on the way up! At night my closest friend got really drunk and told me that all my friends had been talking about me and they thought I should stop. The argument got so full on I stripped bare and showed her my naked body (cringe!!) to show her that I was not anorexic. All of the enjoyment of finally getting into 14s was taken away with that argument and its something I haven't fully forgiven them for yet - don't worry I know I'm ranting!

Anyway thisis now returning to food so everyone's like when can we go out for tea? When you drinking? Any advice that anyone can offer a very scared 26 year old would be much appreciated!!!

Thak you in advance, oh and for reading:)
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firstly, WELL DONE! u r at a place that i am still dreaming of, but very much on my way :) All what u have said is all things that i have thought about as its going to be a whole new way of life, which is what your friends will find hard to grasp. Also, they will see their friend who has lost an awful lot of weight in a very short space of time. what they wont see is that its controlled by u as well as your LLC and they will think all sorts. some will be jealous, some envious, especially if they have had weight issues in the past or current. This is YOUR moment!! u have worked hard to get into your size 14 clothes, no one should spoil that for u, the issues r with them, not with u cos u dealt with yours. im only part of the way through my programme and already i can see ppl being different with me, i know some of its out of concern but some is out of them not knowing what to make of the up and coming new me. but they will have to deal with that, which im sure they will in time. after all, its going to be like a new person to them all over again! enjoy what u have achieved, uv worked very hard, gone through ups and downs as well as gone with out to get to where u r, u should be very proud of yourself cos u r amaizin!!!!

as for forgetting how to chew, im sure ul be fine, ul get to start all over again, enjoying new flavours and so on, it will be fun im sure. your bound to worry about food to start with, its normal, if u didnt worry id be concerned! it shows that uv put thought into how u will now manage your new way of life, so thats good :)

i wish u all the best, id love to know how u get on, im sure ul be just fine ;) and again.....a big well done! hope iv helped, sarah lou xx


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The first week on RTM is hard psychologically, but once you get to that first weigh in and you haven't regained all your weight (like a lot of us feared), in fact you will still lose for quite a few weeks yet, it all gets a lot easier. Most of us were anxious at the start of RTM it is only natural, but you will be fine.
I have been maintaining for a few months now and very happily, it isn't all plain sailing but it isn't that hard either. I have even managed to lose 6lbs in 3 weeks getting ready for my holiday just by cutting back a bit.

The issue with your friends is mostly jealousy and fear, and they will have issues about themselves they have had to think about and would rather not, but it should never have got as far as it has, they really should have kept their nasty little thoughts to themselves.

Well done with your weight loss, you have done fantastically. You will be fine on RTM, just post here with any queries or worries.

As far as booze goes, you can have some from week 5, but you do need to limit it.
Going out for tea will be tricky for a while as the foodlist is quite limited for a few weeks, it gets easier in week 4 and then week 8 when you reintroduce potatoes/pasta/rice.
Have a good look about the RTM threads, there aren't too many as we haven't had the board long and there is a lot of helpful info here.

Good luck!

Am getting on ok, chewing wasn't the problem I thought it was going to be, using cutlery was a bit strange though!

Im now on week 2, and for those of you who have done it before I have this question: Do I have to have one meal, 3 foodpacks and a snack per day? Because to be quite honest Ifind that a lot and would quite easily miss the snack out!

Any advice?

Thanks in advance


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Hi, sorry I can't help with your question cos I'm on lipotrim and currently only half way to target. Just wanted to say wow, well done!

The situation with your friends is upsetting and its a shame they can't share your success with you. Trouble is 6 stone is loads to lose and some will be jealous cos you aren't the fat friend any more, or their partner in being fat and that is hard for them.

Just focus on yourself and your goals and you will be fine. You have worked bloody hard to get this far so again well done x

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