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I stayed the same 2 weeks in a row

Went for my WI in last night to find i have stayed the same for the 2nd week (this was my 3rd WI) weird thing is i feel and look like i have lost (i don't look pregnant anymore):D
I have been training for my race for life run which is on sunday - had a blip where i sprained my ankle so was less active but still managing on average to walk about 10km a day. :D i have so much energy.
I am so looking forward to next week now as i feel i will have a good weight loss - hope i'm right! My LLC weighed me on the the fat percentage scales and i was 3% lighter - so was pleased about that.
Has anyone else found it slower on the weight loss when exercising a lot?
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I think it varies, some people manage to exercise normally throughout and lose loads. Others report a complete stall in weight loss from exercise. Frustating!! Do you drink more than 4 litres when exercising, I think you would need to have more fluids. If you're increasing muscle then the losses might be hidden, at least you can feel the difference and a loss of body fat is nothing but fantastic. 10k a day is a lot, maybe tone it down for week after your race for life and see what happens. Good luck with the race, I did it last year and thoroughly enjoyed it, it was a very emotional day, reading about who everyone was running for!! Take Care x


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Yes - muscle weighs more than fat so your weightloss will slow down, but your fat loss will speed up.

Better to weigh more and be fitter than weigh less and be fatter I reckon.

Also more muscle will burn more calories - fat doesn't burn anything - it just wobbles around!
All very true - I went on the scales at home this morning and I was less - so it's moving at last. I've been drinking 6 litres most days as it was so warm as well. I am going to reduce the fitness i think and see how it goes. Like you say it is frustating but i can see the difference, i am defo more tone and not as wobbley.
Cheers for the feedback.

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