I survived trip to Poland


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Hi everyone.

From Friday to Sunday I went to Krakow. I had to be at the airport for 6.10am so breakfast was not a problem, a bar.

At first I was wary, but I ate the wonderful food, I drank mulled wine (not my usual amounts), I walked and I enjoyed myself without the stress I thought it would bring me.

But I was totally amazed and not prepared for what would happen when I started eating. When I dine out I always have a starter, main meal and a pudding and still have room for more. This time I only had 1/2 of the starters and could only eat 1/2 of my meal and no pudding! I was absolutely stuffed. Wow!!! It really is true, the stomach does shrink. I really had to throw away that attitude of eating everything on my plate.

This has been a truly a learning experience and this morning when I weighed myself I had put on 1 1/2lbs. I'll take it. I'm back to SS until Christmas and get weighed next week.
What a great result, and you have learned some things about yourself on the trip too!!!

The 1 and a half will be off in no time at all!

Well done you x
Oh I'm so glad it went well for you!! And you have basically eaten what you wanted from the sounds of it and had a very small gain which will probably come straight back off!!

And you learned something into the bargain....well done!! Glad you had a good time!!
Well done for being focused to get back on the diet afterwards is great. So many people have a few days being naughty and make the most of it and wonder why they have put on weight. A night out becomes a week off.
you will find that this won't affect your diet at all, as you have only produced water which will go.

Well done for getting back on the wagon.

Nick :) :)

I also think most of it had to do with what my stomach could hold. I was just satisfied with much smaller amounts, any more and it was too uncomfortable.

I'm terrible for snacking inbetween meals (or should I say was). I didn't even do that. The CD diet really does put food in prospective, food is losing its hold over me, I am gaining power.
Well done JJ, you coped with all that really well and had a good time! I think our stomachs must shrink, after my breakfast foodpack and a pint of water I am not hungry for hours. I know some of it is down to being in ketosis but think my body is being accustomed to less. Glad you are back on track !
Well done Jemax

Great attitude and straight back on it, you'll soon lose that 1½, plus you now have the knowledge that you can come off SS and not eat like a woman possessed.

Good on yer.
Hi Jemax,

I do find it very difficult when I have a change of scene to stay focused, hopefully I will learn to be as good as you.:)

Well done.

Love Mini xxx