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I survived Week 1 and I lost 8lbs

Hi there,

I just wanted to say a quick hello to all of you fellow restarters.

Today is Day 3 of my restart on the CD sole source plan and I'm pleased to say so far so good. I originally did the CD approx 3 years ago but never actually reached my goal weight. This was mainly because I was judging my loss by how I looked and what size clothes I was fitting in and I stopped when I was happy with how I looked, I did however manage to lose just under 5 stone.

Since then I met a wonderful man and got married in the summer and life has been good, probably a bit too good because I have gone up 1 or 2 dress sizes. So here I am again in attempt to get my weight and size down and this time round I would actually like to reach my goal weight and get a healthy BMI.

I have found a great weight loss spreadsheet which I'm sure will be a great motivator while I try to lose 59lbs, so please keep your fingers crossed for me.

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Hi Raudi,

Just noted from your ticker that we are both hoping to lose the same amount of weight. To be honest though, im still not convinced that I want lose 59lbs, I know that probably sounds a bit strange but its true. At the moment my goal is 10.3 because that is apparently my ideal weight and will give me a healthy BMI. I cant ever remember weighing that and I dont want to totally lose my curves so I may switch my goal to 11.7 which is what I weighed when I was 19 before I had my son.

How are you judging what your goal should be?

Keep up the good work xx


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That will get me into a size 14 but not a healthy BMI which is my big goal but aiming for this one first... The smallest i have been is a 14 so i'd like to be a 12 but will see how i go... I also want to keep my curves and my F cup bust lol and so does hubby.... I know the more running i do as well my weight might plateau as i'm training for next years marathon.... :eek: all after i said never again this year!
Good luck with your restart, just keep thinking you've done this before so you can do it again.
I am also on day 3 of a restart, originally lost 4 1/2 stone on lighter life and then lost the plot and put on 3 stone since January.
Love Amanda x

Good luck with the marathon training, you must get such a buzz out of doing something like that, I totally take my hat off to you.

How did you get into running, was it something that you did before?

Im so glad that there are a few of us who have all restarted at the same time, hopefully we can help each other through the hard times and celebrate the good times as the weight starts to drop off.



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hey guys. i'm on day 8 of an ss restart. i went up the plans a bit and then decided to stop messing around with that and get back on the straight and narrow. have lost 2 stones so far, three more to go to be a size 14 and a bmi of about 24.9 i think it was, ha. something like that. hoping to be a 16 by christmas :D

we can do it guys!! we really really can!!

abz xx


One Last Time.......
Hi Mrs B

I started running when i did LL/CD first time round as i wanted something to help tone me up! So on and off i've been running for 4 years... I did London this year and last weekend completred the Great South Run although i was 1hr 50 mins slower than Paula Radcliffe!!

It's great getting out there just me and my music, it helps me clear my head and it's 'me' time!
Day 5...............but now it's the weekend !!!

Well almost through Day 5, everything is going well and im in Ketosis. I have spent the last few days going to bed quite early but im hoping that i am now through the worst. Not sure how I will manage to get through the weekend though, definitely think the 1st one is going to be the hardest. I have resisted the temptation to weight myself so hopefully I will be be happy with Monday's weigh in.

Hope the last few days have been good for you, please let me know if you have any weekend survival tips lol xx
i'm on day 5 of about my 50th restart :rolleyes: but this is my last ever restart, as i'm going to do it !! So far so good. bot worried about today and tom as weekend not my strong point, especially tonight, but i'm determined so we will see...
Just wanted to let you know that I have successfully managed to get through the weekend and am so pleased to say that week is done and ive lost 8lbs.

Hope you have all survived the weekend, cant wait to hear how your weigh ins go.


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