I survived !


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Had my first real test today, a family gathering involving a restaurant meal.

Not seen my family since I started LL, and not told any of them what I'm doing.

Had two hour drive to the restaurant with my mum, so I bit the bullet and told her. She was worried at first, but knows I'm clued up about nutrition and wouldn't do anything like this without researching it first so gave me her blessing. Not that I need it, of course, but it's easier having her on my side.

So, when we got to the restaurant and ordered, I asked for just a peppermint tea. The waitress didn't query it (perhaps she thought I'm skint - wouldn't be far wrong!!) but later came back to say they didn't have any. I said surely the kitchen must have some mint somewhere but that fell on deaf ears so I had a black coffee instead. Which, of course, came with chocolates! I snuck them into mum's handbag! The food looked and smelt gorgeous, and I had a few pangs, but it wasn't as bad as I'd thought!

The major test actually came later. My sister-in-law had baked a cake. I ended up being in charge of cutting it, found myself with crumbs and buttercream on my fingers. Oh, the temptation to lick them!! But I resisted and washed it off quickly.

So, if I can cope with that, most of the challenges ahead should be a breeze :D
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Wow! What resolve! I'm not sure I could have remained as virtuous as you managed to! Well done, you will be a slim bride!


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woo hoo,
thats a great acheivement, well done - did anyone wonder why you weren't eating?

Well done on resisting that yummy cake too :p


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I knew you could do it! See - it's true if you can do that you can do anything for sure! The wedding excuse is the best one of all - all women are allowed to do the craziest things imaginable (not that this is crazy in our eyes - but you know how some people react to LL!) when preparing for a wedding!

you're so strong! :)


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I went to a maquerade ball from work last night. I'd already preordered my meal weeks ago, before starting LL. When it came out it lookd asolutley gorgeous - I had chosen healthily (other than dessert, ofcourse) - melon, salmon and cheesecake. I just shared it out between the others on my table - they didn't seem to mind!

I deliberately took the car with me as then I knew I wouldn't worry about not having a glass of wine or 2 (or 3 or 4.....)

The others on the table were absolutley gobsmacked that I could actually sit there without eating and drinking (other than my flavoured water and a toffee bar). They almost didn't believe me when I said that I wasn't actually hungry.

So one up to us all when we conquer these temptations put in our path. It makes us even more sure that we will get there. We just have to rememebr how good and virtuous we feel at these occasions for when we start eating normally again.

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well done Virgogirl and Chrismars, fantastic stuff. I bet you are both so proud of yourselves....


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Well done on sticking to the plan.....:)

Keep up the good work....