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I think I am going to have to leave :'(


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To put a very long story short, my fiance and I (and our little boy) have had a tough few years and finances haven't helped either! Last year my job went, and I have started a degree from home whilst looking after my little boy (as childcare ended up working out paying out more anyway) Anyhow my fiance was made redundant twice last year, the first time he was made redundant, the company were fraudulent and so he was given no wages, no nothing, we used all our savings, and had to sell one of our cars. The second time was slightly better and he got Statutory pay for one month and went straight into temporary work, where he was made permanent in January. On January 19th that company were told they were being acquired by another Pharmaceutical company, and 19,000 jobs are going there. They will be told in September who is staying and who is going...Basically since then we have scrimped through each month, and with one car just managed I guess. Fiance has the car for work, and I have it once a week for music class, shopping etc all on the same day.

Well that car broke down about 4 weeks ago, and we have been able to borrow my nan's car since, but today we found out that the car is irrepairable :( so it has to be scrapped. Because we sold our second car last year, and used all our savings we have absolutely nothing to buy another car, or to even but a runaround or anything, so we are truly stuffed. Fiance works about 18 miles away from where we live, so to be fair it's a bit far for him to cycle every day, and would be 3 buses every day, and they don't run early enough for him to be able to switch each one to get to his work in time, so I just don't know what we are going to do. CD obviously is eating into our monthly expenses, and this is the only thing we can cut out, as we don't have any other 'luxuries'. We have the occasional day out, and even then it's once a month and we always guilt trip ourselves about it.

I know this forum isn't about money problems etc, but I am just feeling very down today, and totally hit by the credit crunch etc. I feel like my dream of being slim/healthy is slipping away from me again. I have been looking at evening jobs in tesco/sainsburys/asda m&s (anywhere really) for weeks but there is nothing - hasn't been for ages. The only cleaning jobs start at 5 (id do anything at the minute) and fiance isn't back from work by then, so no one to look after my little boy.

Anyway, I wanted to ask, if I was able to buy one more weeks supply, what would you do with it. I've been doing 810 this week, so would you do another 810 and then do low GI diet, or would you use the supply to do 1000 for a week? and then stretch the remaining out for an extra few days as I'd have 21 products, and maybe a couple left over spare in my box, so maybe 24 products in total?

Any help would be appreciated, and I'm sorry I have waffled on about so much that has nothing to do with CD :( x

Claire xx
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Aww Claire, big ((hugs)) hunny.
Sorry I have no advice but why not speak to your CDC who might be able to advise you of the best way to do it X


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well that sucks sweetie

what about house to house cleaning? Have a look people only want you for a few hours a week on set days, I'm sure that would suit you better than being tied into a job starting at a certain time iyswim?

Also have a look at organisations in your area that cater for mums. I know there is one here in Glasgow that if you are not a single parent, you cant apply for any of the jobs listed.

What about bar work for a night or two a week, don't usually start til later and your OH should be home by then? Not ideal but might keep you ticking over?

Re cars, have you tried gumtree or even freecycle? Believe it or not there was a car or two going on there over the years. If you manage to sell your car as scra/parts on gumtree you might manage to get enough for a wee runaound?


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oh forgot about Temp agencies - have a look at temp agencies in your area. Not ideal and rate of pay is usually minimum wage, and its crap work like waitressing, bar work, food work etc, but a couple of shifts a week at times to suit you might be better than nothing.

Also sign up for more than one, pays to be knocking back shifts rather than waiting on them coming in.


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Hi Claire, I am sorry to hear of your circumstances. It's total crap the predicament you and many others (including myself)are in. I work 2 8hour shifts at a hotel to help cover the bills as we have 2 young children and like you can't work in the day because of children.

I would try sticking to a 1000kcal a day diet, it worked for me when I was younger and didn't have so much to lose. Doesn't it annoy you the nhs will help people to stop smoking with patches and counciling as they see it as an addiction that will lead to health problems but they will not help overweight people who have found something that works for us? I see my problem with food as an addiction all beit a self induced one but no different to smokers. I know not everyone will agree with that statement but that's my opinion on it.

Good luck hun. Zoe xx


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Ok, first things first. Go take a look at www.entitledto.com and have a play with the figures.
Most people don`t realise the help they can get as no one bothers to tell us !!!!

I`m not sure how many hours you`d need to work minimum (maybe 16?) but you would be entitled to help via the tax credit system for childcare costs (not all of it, but 70%??? , I`m sure someone else could advise).This is so long as your joint income is less than 50K !!!

With all the uncertainty in the job market at the moment, bear in mind it won`t last forever!, maybe your partner could look for less hours closer to home, or an easier commute. The tax credit system will top up your income to a sustainable level.
Not sure if you have mortgage or rent, but the entitled to calculator will also give you an idea whether you could get help with rent and council tax.

Bear in mind tho that the tax credit system can be a minefield. However, so long as changes in circumstances are made fairly early into the tax year in shouldn`t be too complicated.

Now, I`m not advocating that anyone should work less and draw from the state,BUT whilst you are studying, if you could manage a part time job, with childcare help, then you should be able to manage to continue with the diet.

Just be sure to check your entitlements carefully, as I`m sure you`ll be fine!
Take care and despite no money, you enjoy your little one !!!!


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Advice you may have already done/taken!!

Have you looked at your Working and Child tax credits? Are you getting the right amount?
You could look into childminding and then you would be able to work alongside staying home with your little one.

Car wise we found a bargain on ebay, £300 for a vw golf 12mths mot so its worth looking on there even if it gets you another 6 months worth of driving.

Have you worked out how much difference the cd diet is compared to your normal food consumption, when you look at teabags, milk, sugar,cereal, bread, fuit and veg etc, you may find you pay out the same amount anyway??


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Thank you for your replies so far girls, I've remembered there is a 'hilton' hotel not too far from us (near the sainsbury's I keep looking at daily for jobs funny enough) I'm going to ring them and ask for an application form to be sent out for waitressing there maybe 2 evenings a week or something.

The shops in town have nothing, not that there is many to choose from anyway, and the M&S there is closing down. I've spoken to the restaurant down the road - they have nothing either. Being TOTM isn't helping my emotions today, but it's just typical eh. I'm working my bum off on this diet (literally) and on my degree, and everytime we get ourselves sorted - for example Halifax out of nowhere asked for the whole of our overdraft back last month (when it shouldn't have been til next year!) and we had to ask family for help, it was humiliating to have to ask, but we had no real choice, so to be stuck again with no pennies, and no car, is just so so frustrating. It's like everytime you get on your feet someone comes back and kicks you in the face.

Chelsea Lou

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Honey I am so sorry that this has happened to you. It would be such a shame to have to give up CD but it is totally understandable. I would suggest that you just gradually up your intake calorie wise and eat mainly protein. If you could still lose and then maintain at least you would be in control of something.

I think the house to house cleaning idea is a good one or offering an ironing service/dog walking - anything that you can do from home and not rely on a car.

Sorry if this isnt much help to you and hope that things take a turn for the better for you and your family very soon. Hugs xxx


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We get a small amount of housing help now because income is lower than usual, with only fiance' working currently. When I was working full time, and we went through all figures for going back full time with my employer and went back with his nursery etc, we actually ended up over 300 worse off a month. The nursery fee's here are over 1100 a month! Childminder is only 150 different. This is why evening work is really the only option, as all my family are fairly young.

As for food, my fiance and Alex live on roughly 35-40 a week with fruit/veg included (bulk buying nappies etc at the beginning of a month) so with me too, I can't see it being much more than an extra 10 a week realistically. In a crisis if you have to have less money for food, then you make do I guess, and this is partly what we had to do last year, and unfortunately part of what made me gain the weight - picking crap food on crap money.


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Hi Claire, well i would do 810 and use cd shakes as and when you need them, then switch to slimming world or ww and try to stick with that for the time being. I have found this diet expensive as im doing 810 and am still buying food for my aam and my daughter - so its not cheap. You may stabilise for first couple of weeks but i dont think you will put on if you are careful. good luck, wish you all the best :)


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aww alexmummy, im sorry to hear about that. apparently there are loads of temping contract about at the moment, could you to a part time office/admin/reception type job?

also, i work weekends at the pub which i really enjoy, gives me about £40 a week which would cover your CD cost?

what about dog walking, taking in ironing, babysitting/childminding?

hope you are ok :) x


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All ideas being taken on board - not allowed to do childminding - landlady said no when we first moved in, as this was first thought when I lost my job - however the degree I'm studying for is in Childcare and Youth Studies (eventually)

Been hanging on the phone to hilton for last 20 mins with no answer - weird...but have emailed them now. Looked on Jobcentre plus but no joy on there yet. Spoken to 2 agencies so far, but apparently our area is laden with people who have been made redundant so not many temp contracts going in our areas especially for me who can't travel far and is on limited times available.

Will keep looking though. Even if I have to come of CD for a while, and then go back and finish it that way, I'll still try and maintain/lose by doing protein/low GI.

Shattered now, too many tears shed today - and the MIL is coming in just over hour and a half too!


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Sorry to hear you are going through such a tough time. I wonder if there is a way to make protein shakes using protein powder etc from health food shop and take a multi vitamin and mineral supplement...and use flavorings etc Probably too time consuming for a busy Mum but could be effective and cheaper....it is something I have thought about as i am self employed and finances yoyo. Best wishes.


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On the subject of cars-have you looked at your local scrap yard?The one here sells cars very cheaply with minor problems as well as selling parts for other cars.My car(7 seater is currently standing on the driveway and is most likely irrepairable-man from mitsubishi has no idea what's wrong with it) and as I have an hour's walk to school I bought a cheap car(means I have to do 2 journeys as I can't get 5 kids in the car but better than nothing) -a Ford Mondeo estate with 87000 miles on the clock for only £250.It had 4 months MOT left as well.It drives perfectly.Might be do-able if you sell your other car for parts, then your OH can get to work.
As for the CD,I would do 810 I think.


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Are you checking your local County Council / District Council websites for Level 1 jobs in Youth Work? These posts tend to be evening based and your current course would stand you in good stead for the interviews, I know at the moment they are trying to focus more on Friday & Saturday night work - the bonus of this being that you can go for these posts as an unqualified worker and then you have the added benefit of having experience when you qualify.


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This sort of thing makes me really angry! We have a young mum studying and doing her best and can't even afford £40 a week to feed herself and then there's those public servants called politicians who can claim £6000 for a bookcase!
Alwx mummy, I was a struggling single parent at uni about 15 years ago and they had hardship funds then for people on their own or whose partner was unemplyed. Don't know if that still exists but it might be worth a try. What about doing Avon or becoming a CDC or somthing like that? Sleepovers in care homes pay quite well too for unskilled work. Virgin Vie parties etc. Or start your own diet class. I did that years ago to cover for a friend who ran her own and she made a lot of money per class.


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Just wanted to say how sorry I am, and send a hug.



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Hi Claire, I'm really sorry this is happening to you......but you have done so well! I've just seen your before and after picture and you look great! You are definatley one of the few inspirationals!
I'm sure you will find another way to tackle the last few pounds.....Keep your head up and something will come along. Good Luck!


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Please let us know what you decide to do... sending you positive wishes and hoping something comes up to rescue the situation.


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