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I think I am throwing the towel in!

I posted a couple of weeks ago as to how hard I am finding this and really really don't think I have it in me personally to do this (I know I will get a lecture for this!)

I have been away on business so missed my WI last night and to be honest I wasn't on LL when I was away so missing it is no biggie.

I simply cannot stop nibbling. I am well and trully out of ketosis now and really think stuff it I'm offski.

I know everyone will come back here with fabby feedback and hoping that inspires me but at this moment in time I can honestly say I have never been as miserable in my whole life as I am now...
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Ok - so if you don't want the sugar coated version......

If this isn't for you how come you have lost 19.8lbs . That is an achievement and I doubt there is another diet that would allow you such big losses in your first 3 weeks.

You CAN do it ...you have proved that.
The question is do you WANT to do it.

Yes you slipped. Forgive yourself and start again one day at a time with no days off.


Taking it Day by Day
You probably won't have covered this in your meetings yet, but your thinking has "crooked" written all over it. (read up on it in week 7 I think it is) Basically this is negative thinking we use to manipulate ourselves, things like "I will never stick to a diet", "I just can't do it", "oh, i've had something to eat, now I've blown it" and so on and so on.

You have achieved a fantastic weight loss in just a few weeks, so this side of the diet is working for you. I think you have to start attacking those thoughts of failure now, yes you've eaten, but today is another day and you can CHOSE to keep on eating or to start sticking to the diet again. It will probably be tough but take it one day at a time. There a quite a few people on here who had given into eating at some point or other but managed to get back on track. I really hope you will keep on goign. Just call your LLC and explain what happened. I know you might not belive this at the moment but you CAN do it!
Maybe it's lighter life that is not making you feel too hot, what about coming over to cambrigde?
aw wicked thanks for that.

Yes it must have been for me to lose that amount already and to be honest it is only that that is keeping me hanging on by my finger nails.... thinking gosh common sammy you can keep on going and you will get those results again! so why why why does it keeping slipping? You can see from my only 1.8 loss that that was when is started kicking in. Its not even like every couple of weeks its like every couple of days!

I had a good day yesterday and was all upbeat then got home and ate what I was cooking (and cooking for the family never bothers me - just cook it, put it out and go in bath to avoid dealing with watching others eat!)

It just seems to be really slipping up on me and I can see no way back.

Today (again) have started from scratch and already thinking I am never going to make it to the end of the day without at least one wee nibble..

I think I just need to go to bed at 6pm tonight or something...
Julia is right - what you are saying is all "expected" . Please talk to your LLC -she will have dealt with people who feel the same before. The reason we pay the extra for LL is to get the support and help from the counsellors. Why not use it. If you still feel the same after talking to them , then quit but you have lost nothing.

If you need to go to bed at 6pm then do it ...would be my advice. In the early days I had to run away from my husband eating. Do what you have to do to get though today but remember that you have made huge progress and you CAN do it if you CHOOSE to. This is only for a limited time - not for ever - all at food will still be there when you are at target but just think how much better it will taste then.

Look at my looses - I have had a couple of 2lb weeks. Depressing - yes - BUT they are still in the right direction and you WILL get there if you carry on.



likes posting.
hang on in there the girls are right, when your feeling down read your green book, its good reading,do this now & by christmas you will be buying clothes that are fab the food will still be there,.


Just one day at a time
Glad you are sticking to it. I am coming up to Week 6 and just taking it a day at a time.

I know how you feel, I have done 6 excellent weeks, went on holiday for a week, that was 3 weeks agon and am finding it really hard to go back on it. I really want to do it and there is no other diet that works as good as this. It is the best and you can do it. Lets do it together!!!!!! I want to do another 8 weeks and loose 2 stone!!! Do you fancy being my buddy????? We can support each other!!!
Kerryray yes that would be great - I do think I need extra support. I am off on holiday in 2 weeks and at least want to try to keep on it for then.

Whats your story then? how much have you lost so far? how much do you want to still lose?

Fabby to have a buddy - thanks
Well Sammy,

I started on the diet 9 weeks ago however I have only stuck to it for the 1st 6 weeks and lost 23lb in 6 weeks. i went on holiday for a week thinking I would do the plan, this did not happen and I did enjoy my week managed to put on 2lb but I was ok about it as I did indulge!!! However since I came back I have not really stuck to it!!!!!!! I am back 3 weeks so as of from tomorrow I am doing it properly. It really really is the best diet to loose weight quick however it is hard sometimes and you need a lot of willpower and support!! It will be worth it because in 6-8 weeks I will be where I want to be, a small price to pay considering the years I haev spent trying to shift it!!!!!

The first 2 weeks were def the hardest but it gets easier after that. I know a few people now whi have lost a lot of weight and managed to keep it off, therfore we can do it too!!!!!!!!!! I want to loose another 35lb.

What do you want to still loose??? I am not great with finding things on this site so if my reply to you after this one takes time its because I am lost???

Look forward to hearing from you or anyone else for support

I have to say its impressive that you only put on 2 pound on hols..

I have lost 22 pound so far and still need to lose another 4 stone after that..

I will be more than happy to be your buddy, keep posting here or you are more than welcome to email me at any time too..

Congrats on starting again - you will do it... you seem very motivated to do it so you go for it..

Speak soon


Cherry Plum

One day at a time
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Sammy don't give up, just persevere & you will get to where you want to be.
Just take one day at a time & remember tomorrow is another day.
It is difficult at times to stick to the diet & it takes some people a while to get into it & know what they are doing.
I realised at week 2 that I could do this, I struggled at week 9 & again at week 13, but I'm still here, losing weight.
Don't give up until you've at least slept on it or given it a few more days.
aw thanks Cherry.

I've made a pact with Sez to go to bed and sleep on it and hopefully awake tomorrow in a diff frame of mind.

Thanks everyone for your kind words.


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Sammy its very early days for you and you have done really well so far. As the others say, you haven't had many sessions yet so read the book and see if you can get some help from that and also call your counsellor. It honestly does get much easier though, I have now almost lost the amount you want to in total and it has truly gone very quickly although I have had some blips along the way. Just dont beat yourself up over what you have eaten, start again and take one day at a time. Everytime you are feeling hungry have a drink of water and you will be back in ketosis before you know it. It can be really hard but it is so worth it. Going to bed early is a great idea and if you can think of anything to do to distract yourself during the day or to reward yourself with for sticking to plan than that may help too (I add a charm to my charm bracelet for every 7lb I lose and another one for every 10% of my weight lost). Not an instant reward I know but one that helps me a lot. Anyway I hope things get much better for you and that you get back onto the plan soon. Keep us informed xxx

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