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I think I may be about to do something disasterous...

So, today hasn't been so productive. My little girl has been poorly, I'm fed-up. I've had 2 of my shakes today, but also a load of grapes, 4 or 5 quavers...and I've just scoffed 2 pieces of brown toast. I have no idea why. I wasn't hungry, I was just so fed-up.

My little girl is having peas and fresh pizza for her tea...I had a little slice (we're talking about the size of a ritz cracker here!)...and then I thought... oh bu***r it, I'll order a pizza, that's what I really fancy.

I'm only on day 4. I was so sure I had all the determination to do this, but I guess I have a few old habits to kill off really...Writing this while still thinking about what pizza to order, I know I'll regret it; argh!!

What do you do when you are thinking like this?

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hhhmm its a toughy. once u get into the cycle of eating...then over eating.. its hard to get out of. im guessing its too late and uv ordered the pizza. i say - to hell with it for today. enjoy the pizza and start afresh tomorrow. keep thinking of getting into ketosis - iv bought myself some ketosticks from amazon and whats putting me off eating at the mo is peeing on those little sticks every morning in hope of seeing it turn purple. i so want to get to taht stage again after my last binge. good luck and enjoy the night xx
Thanks so much for your reply. I really do appriciate it :)
I took some advice that I had read somewhere here, and decided I'd push on and get my daughter into bed, and then if I still wanted it, would order pizza later. That way, I could eat it in peace. Do you know what....the feeling actually did pass. I can't believe it :) I was totally convinced that I was going to be binging on pizza later, and I'm not.
I'm going to order some ketostix too, I think that's a great idea and will be a really good motivation. I still need to think of stating afresh tomorrow, because I haven't stuck to plan today despite managing without the pizza. Urgh.
How is your evening going babyblues? Hope you get your purple stick tomorrow :) jx
I completely agree having been there that once you start to nibble its self destruct from there on!! Well done for distracting yourself - you can do it!! xx
well done for distracting yourself!! how are you doing now? unfortunatly, no purple pee sticks for me yet. fingers crossed for tomorrow morning!
Well done you, I've been in that position so many times and never seem to find the will power. Have a good week and weigh in .x

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Its hard. I am lucky I live alone so no food around and no-one else to cook for. I have been in situations with food and found it very hard.


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Well done for not giving in to temptation each little test that comes along which you pass makes you stronger and you can use this to give you the strength you need next time now you've done it once you know you can do it good luck!

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