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I think I'm immune...

I like scan bran but they've never increased my habits. The only things that do that to me are full fat dairy products.........and that's to do with my slight dairy allergy (which was severe as a child).
I'm really enjoying the scan bran got half a pack left. Uh i;ve had a few digestive problems and feeling really sluggish and crampy and not to good atm(sorry if tmi). I think i need to increase my water intake, going to see if some extra exericse helps things but currently tummy hurts to much :(
Hi there

try having lemon juice in warm water first thing in a morning -you soon get used to the taste, I have the constitution of a donkey -even the 12 speed "dyno-rod" soup doesn't touch me... but lemon in warm water works...
is that fresh lemon or will a squirty one work too?

can I add ot to a cup of tea instead of just water?

as for increasing water intake, does it have to be water or any liquid?
I just finished my 3rd 2L bottle of cheapo diet coke since friday morning.. so 6L in 2 1/2 days.. not enough???
I just finished my 3rd 2L bottle of cheapo diet coke since friday morning.. so 6L in 2 1/2 days.. not enough???
Yikes, the combination of scan bran and coke :eek: No wonder you can't "go". From t'internet...

Some people trying to control their weight, drink bottles of diet sodas each day. Often these beverages contain caffeine, which is a diruretic causing the body to excrete water. In fact the net result is often dehydration. So if you are a 'heavy diet-soda' drinker, and you recognise these symptoms, you may be able to improve your health by simply drinking 6 to 8 glasses of pure, fresh water a day!
ah, ok.. well that's buggered it..
tea and coffee are diuretics too.. so that limits me to water which I don't like drinking on it's own.. unless it's bottled and that's expensive... :) ( tap water tastes bad on it's own.. )
One thing i tend to do is if i have a coffee or a diet coke( i to have a caffeine problem lol) i drink the same amount of water after it. Though in general i need to drink more water. Also need to try and limit my caffine but since i quit the fags its become my *drug of choice* if you see what i mean
the caffein isn't a problem, I can take it or leave it.. it's just that I like the taste of the diet cola.. and they don't do a caffein free version in the cheap stuff.. :(
I'm not keen on squash as I always make it too weak or too strong ( should get a measure I suppose.. :) )..
I also use tea / coffee to get my milk in during the day, or I'd be missing my HeA..
can't I just have calcium tablets.. :D I like cheese but don't think I can have it in the house as I won't stop at just 28g or whatever it is..
I've already had to syn half a tube of primula light this weekend ( 75g is HeA, 150g in a tube.. ) :)
Hi Coljack

Squirty lemon should be ok -although it tastes worse than fresh .... I think it is best to have the lemon juice just in warm water 1st thing, you can always hold your nose and down it ;) -I use about 1/8th of a lemon in about an egg cup of water.

I can't drink tap water here either -we get the fizzy stuff from Lidl, I know out here it is only 19c for 1.5lt -but I don't think it is too bad back in the UK either,,,
sugar free jelly! Or is that just me? *blushes* x

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