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i think i'm pregnant but don't want to stop CD

hi girls.

have not been on for a few day cos i was feeling ill so did a test and i think i am pregnant. I am shocked as was trying (kinda) but didn't expect to conceive within the first few weeks!!!!!!

I am a stone from goal and in week 8 and feel unable to give up my shakes. Can i carry on with CD by having 2 shakes a day and meal at night so I am consuming 1500 cals a day? please help me with some advice.

I never thought i would carry on CD if i gor pregnant but now that i am (shockingly quickly) i feel too emotional to let go of CD. the last 2 months have given me back my life and the compliments were starting to roll in. I felt like i had found myself again and now i feel like i am lost at sea without any crutches or direction. since friday i have not CD at all as have been in shock but need to do it. I want to re-start CD in the morning but don't want to harm myself. I am in the high eleven stone bracket but was so near goal and feeling so good and since my test all i feel is panicked about giving up CD. it is so irrational but i can't help it, i am weepy and feel like i have let myself down. I already have kids and planned another in a few years, i am happy at being pregnant but feel like i will regain all my CD weight loss within days. i am planning on eating healthy but this has never worked for me in my life. ony CD ever has and i wish i could have really lost some more weight.

sorry to moan.... i feel alone and irrational and scared. can anyone help?
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Call me Nicky xx
cd ss is not designed for two so please do not continue to sole source. I would advise looking at midwifery approved eating plans like ww or sw.

You are not alone and have done really well, but now you have to consider your baby first and a good balanced diet is needed. xx
You must not continue on CD SS whilst pregnant as you need to have more calories fats and carbs than you would be getting. You can use it as a supplement - I am not sure how many cals etc you need whilst pregnant - please check with a Dr or midwife before deciding to do this on your own.
i don't plan on doin CD ss but can i have cd and meals to try and stick to 1500 calories?

Sorry to barge in but imo you need more than 1500 cals...like I say imo.
Just eat sensibly,healthy and enjoy the pregnancy. Dont burden youself with worries about the diet. Plenty of time for that after the birth.
Have a happy,healthy pregnancy, congrats btw and sending lots of love xxxx
hi, when you pregnant you need to comsume 200 calories more than the average person, so idealy you should be on 2500-3000 calories a day! In the early stages of pregnancy is when your baby develops all the important things, brain, nerves ect, you really need to eat well to help this develop properly,
let go of CD whilst your pregnant, its just 9 months, then go back on it when your baby is 3 months old, just have a healthy happy pregnancy and worry about your weight later, your baby comes first
thats good advice vampalicious - would just like to say though that if it is the case that the average woman needs 200cals more than normal, surely that is not going to be 2500-3000 cals. The average woman needs around 2000 cals to maintain her weight, so I would think it would be more in the region of 2200-2500 (only saying this cos would hate to see leeds123 overeating by 500 cals a day - that would lead to a gain of 1lb per week - about 4lb a month - so 36lbs over the course of the pregnancy! And we don't want that!!)

thank you to everyone who took the time to post. it means a lot to me. I haven't had any shakes for a few days as hubby is insistent. I am still looking into having one shake gfor brekkie as a supplement but realise that i may have to take a 9 month break. wish me luck andi have joined the preggnancy without pounds forum, but its so quiet on there.

can i follow WW or SW?
Hi there, firstly congratulations on the pregnancy :)

Secondly, my understanding is that you cannot do CD at all when pregnant or breastfeeding because it has a high level of vitamin A which can be dangerous to unborn babies. This is what I have been advised as I mentioned my want to try for another baby in the future to my CD counseller. I do remember with my first pregnancy that Vit A had to be avoided, hence the special vitamins for pregnancy. Anyone else been told this?

Hope this helps but I do fully understand your situation, you have finally managed some control over things with CD and I can see how you feel a bit lost now. Please try to just enjoy the pregnancy but limit the damage and then get back on CD when it is safe to do so.
Good luck and all the best xx
The average woman needs around 2000 cals to maintain her weight, so I would think it would be more in the region of 2200-2500 (only saying this cos would hate to see leeds123 overeating by 500 cals a day - that would lead to a gain of 1lb per week - about 4lb a month - so 36lbs over the course of the pregnancy! And we don't want that!!)

yeh i meant the average person, people vary with how many calories they need, i need around 2500 calories to just maintain, it goes on how much exercise you do, your body frame ect, there is a great website that tells you all this, ill try and fine it :)
Yeah I understand - didnt mean to come across negative as im with ya hun.

I only say this cos the 'average' woman doesnt need quite that many - for example if you look on nutritional info it gives a womans as 2000 as a guide of how many most women might need.

I know it varies but as leeds123 is nearly at goal (and the lighter you are the less cals you need) unless she does looooads of exercise it's unlikely she would need 2500 cals to maintain her current weight...

That website sounds good - weight loss resources has the formulae for calculating BMR and how to eat to maintain your weight, with some handy calculators too, but not sure if its got anything on how to eat during pregnancy

hi just to add sw can be done right up til you have the baby where as w/w is up to 12 wks I thinks or it might be 16 cant remember. You can rejoin sw after your 6 week check as well if you want to breastfeed and can't do cd. Congrats.
i know someone who's 10 weeks on it and her doctor recommended it! how weird....

.... anyhoo CONGRATS CAT!!! I haven't done much diary reading for a while (obviously) so had no idea - mega congratulations to you and Michael! Have just been reading up on your diary as clearly I'm waaay outta touch. So happy for you both xx


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I put 5 stone on with my ds1, from 8 to 13 stone. I got pregnant with ds2 8 months later & only put on 1 stone 4lb. I hadn't lost my weight from ds1, so didn't want to pile another 5 stone on.
My friend did sw years ago & gave me all her stuff to have a look at. All the way through my pg I tried to stick to the rules of sw & I never felt like I was depriving myself or my baby. As it's not cal based, you can basically eat as much as you want with the free foods. I loved it!

Congratulations with the pg, just enjoy yourself, but don't go mental with the food like I did with my first & you'll be fine.

BTW a pg woman should only have 200 extra calories in the last trimester, not all the way through.

Good luck with whatever you decide. xx