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I think I've done something bad!


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Hi all,

I just had my weigh in and I've lost another 3.5lbs so I was chuffed with that :) but I've come home and eaten one of the orange CD bars even though I have already had one today as well as my other two milkshake packs. I don't know why I did it and I've been so good and stuck to it perfectly. I know it's a CD bar so it's probably not that bad but I feel so guilty and worried that it will effect my week now :( I really don't want to mess up when I'm doing so well.

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Ems ... don't panic - it WON'T affect your weigh in next week.

The only side effect you may have is a bit of flatulence! :eek: Seriously, more than one bar in a day can make you a bit 'windy' (and I speak from experience!)

You've had a nice little treat ... think of it this way - one bar = 170 (ish) cals. Divide that by over the next 7 days til your next weigh-in and that only averages at an extra 24 / 25 cals per day. Now - do you think that's going to cause a weight gain? Nope :)

I used to have an extra bar every week as a 'treat' when I watched 'Lost' - and I always averaged a stone per month so don't panic.

Carry on as normal tomorrow - drink plenty and all will be well.


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Ahhh thank you so much! I feel loads better now! I was worried it would make a massive difference! It was a treat, I think I wanted to celebrate and before I knew it I'd opened the pack! It could have been a lot worse :) Maybe I'll do some extra exercise to make myself feel better this week!

You're a star! x
Don't beat yourself up Butterfly!!! You will be fine - its not as though you have raided your kitchen cabinet now is it?
I read on one of the posts that sometimes is okay to have an extra pack.

Well done on the 3.5 ibs - I see you have lost over 1 stone now. How long have you been on CD?
sorry - just noticed that this is only WEEK 2 for you - GOSH OVER 1 STONE IS A SUPER RESULT THEN!!!!!! I HOPE I DO AS WELL IN MY FIRST FORTNIGHT.


To infinity and beyond!
Hi Ems,

Don't panic, if eating an extra bar once in a while is the worst you do, you will fly through this diet.
Forget about it and move on.
Well done on such a little blip (which that was me :( )


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:thankyou: Thank you everyone! I know I'm silly to worry but I'm working hard to stick to the diet and was disappointed in myself when I have been so strong. You're right that it doesn't really matter (and about the wind lol!)

Angeleyes - yep in two weeks, am pretty amazed! I was reading about people doing that and I can't believe I actually have! :p

Hugs to all of you! x


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Wicked! Enjoy your last supper...I know you should probably wind down before this diet but I had fish and chips the night before I started hehe! Let me know how you get on! x
Dont worry at all, just dont make a habit of it, otherwise there wont be any need for wind turbines near you!!!!!!!!!!!

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