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  1. Hiddenfishcake

    Hiddenfishcake Full Member

    Hello, I'm new here! First post time.

    I've been doing LL for about 6 weeks. So far I've lost 40lbs. I know that this is pretty good but this week I have hit a wall.

    I weigh myself every morning, and my weight has stayed the same since Saturday. I haven't cheated, I'm drinking the required water and more, and nothing is happening!

    Has anyone any experiences of this? I feel really frustrated that I've come this far, but can't seem to get under that magic 3 stone mark. I only need to lose another 1 1/2 - 2 stone but don't want to waste my tome and money if this is going to fail.

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  3. NICKY

    NICKY Full Member

    i am only on week 2 but someone in my group did that this week and the LLC told her to measure herself as you may be losing inches/centimetres instead of weight
    hope this helps
  4. Wicked Witch

    Wicked Witch Full Member

    Might be a bit of a personal question - but have you "been" recently. I stayed the same for 5 days last week and I realised I was blocked (so to speak). After two days of taking ducolax - things got moving and I went down 3lb in a day.
    Sorry to be so graphic - but that was the cause of my problem. Another possiblility is TOTM?
    I'm sure if you stick with it you really can't fail to loose more weight.
  5. Hiddenfishcake

    Hiddenfishcake Full Member

    Yeah, I have "been" so it's not that, and it can't be TOTM as I'm a bloke!

    I will stick with it, and will speak to my LLC tonight at the meeting. It's just very frustrating.
  6. Geri

    Geri Gold Member

    :rotflmao: :rotflmao:

    Thats a great loss you've got going on...hang on in there tho coz the scales will move... maybe get rid of the scales for a while...

    Hope you're pleasantly suprised tonight.. ( at the scales ;) ):D
  7. Hiddenfishcake

    Hiddenfishcake Full Member

    Thanks Geri. I know I've done well so far, and not to be too unrealistic about it so maybe not jumping in the scales every morning is the answer. It's difficult to not become obsessive about it though isn't it!
  8. Geri

    Geri Gold Member

    Yep, you have done really well... weighing daily works for some peeps, but it can be disheartening when you dont see them go down, worse when they go up and you've done nothing differently.... :eek:

    Be sure and let us know how you get on tonight :p
  9. nadhak


    lighter life maintaining and occasional re-starting
    Well done on sticking to the diet and losing a fabulous amount!
    Your body will still be burning fat daily - it has to, so that you can survive! the weight does not always show due to your body holding more fluid for its own reasons - this evens itself out and you will either have a tremendous loss next week or if the water stays around for a while, you will back to 2-3 lbs a week!
    Over a 4 week period you will lose a stone so keep focussing on that fact!
    Keep up the good work
  10. flirty40greeneyes

    flirty40greeneyes Busy busy busy!!

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    On VLCD's you can't fail to lose weight if you stick to it and drink the water. Men can have water retention as well. Sometimes our bodies hold onto weight/water - but over a period of a month you should always be able to lose at least a stone.

    Good luck re WI and hope it shows on the scales.
  11. lancslass53

    lancslass53 Silver Member

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    ive had same problems, somedays it makes me feel like its a waste of time but it is totm for me so hoping next week it'll get better.

  12. Hiddenfishcake

    Hiddenfishcake Full Member

    Well after the WI last night another 3.5lbs gone, and my own scales this morning showed 1lb down so maybe things have started shifting again! It seems that everyone in my group had been through something similar at one time or another so no one there was surprised. All very encouraging so hopefully next week will make up for it!
  13. Cherry Plum

    Cherry Plum One day at a time

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    Hi Hiddenfishcake, I constantly weigh myself, like others on here do, I was worried all last week that the scales hadn't budged, but I didn't need to worry, because I lost 4lbs on LLC scales.
    We all get so worked up about it, but we don't need to, because we all know that we will lose the weight eventually.
    3.5lbs is a great weight loss, so well done.
  14. Vorlina

    Vorlina Full Member

    Agreed - I only ("only", it's so nuts) lost 2lbs this week on my LLC scales but it's hardly the end of the world. I try and look at my monitoring spreadsheet and think about how I'm over 60 lbs lighter than I was at the start of the year.
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