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I think my motivation has eloped with my willpower :-(


I had some really good SW days but yesterday and today I've just been eating rubbish. There's no reason for it - I haven't had bad/good news, or been ill or been driven to eat by anything. Too busy with 2 kids to get time for boredom!

I planned out my evening meals for over a week (as I have to feed hubby and the toddler so try for family friendly but SW free meals) and since I'm still on maternity leave I'm at home so I just see how I go with food and it had been working out.

Maybe I need to plan every single meal for myself? And snacks. Does anyone else do this?

I'm on antidepressants for panic attacks and anxiety so I'm feeling pretty low at the moment but I don't want to blame that for eating 5 chocolate biscuits in a row or for having cheese on crackers for lunch today.

I'm struggling to get back on track. I joined SW online as my panic attacks are stopping me from getting to a class but I don't even feel like getting weighed in group each week would help motivate me right now.

I've got lots of yummy food ideas, cupboards and fridge is full of free/ low syn foods so there's no lacking there to drive me in to the arms of galaxy chocolate!

Sorry for the long post. Feeling a bit fat and miserable now. I only need to lose 2 stone or so, I'm 5ft 2" so the extra weight makes me look dumpy. I did use the wii fit a lot but that's dropped off lately, don't know whether it's the babies or another lack of motivation. Meh. I have still been doing tricep dips againt the toilet every night while the toddler is in the bath though...

Anyway, sorry again for the long post. Need to draw a line and figure out an action plan (help please?) :confused: :break_diet:
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Sometimes we just have to fake the motivation and willpower until they come back.

Try and keep your house as SW friendly as possible so making it harder to go off plan.

Then take it one meal at a time and don't think about what you did this morning or yesterday, each meal or snack is a new oppurtunity to start fresh

Look at what you have already achieved-you know you can do it. Its definitely harder when your just not in the zone. Can you try old clothes on to see how far you have come to get that buzz back and get you excited again?

Good luck and hang in there
Just try to remember that this bit will pass and you've just got to hang on til the brighter bit comes along. Dont torture yourself and dont sit and eat a pack of biscuits just because you're already feeling guilty. Find something to distract yourself for a bit, maybe have a google around for interesting new things you could make for your lunch the next few days? I find healthy recipes and get cooking, you can make exotic soups or bean stews or something, by the time Ive prepped it, got it coking and cleaned up after myself 2 or 3 hours can have gone by and I feel better about myself as Ive done something. :) Or go for a walk to the end of the road, take a few piccies - or if you can't leave the house maybe read a book or even just do something mindlessly boring like filing or cleaning! Just distract yourself from what you're thinking about right now. Even try going for a nap, you might wake up feeling better. Tomorrow is another day and you'll feel a bit brighter soon. You don't have to be an angel, a nibble is OK, it's when its the entire biscuit factory that it goes a bit AWOL x :)
Ermintrude is right!

I think being at home makes it loads harder. I'm just at home for a few months until I start my new role in September, and I find myself wandering into the kitchen all the time. Except I don't keep chocolate biscuits in the house, or anything else I'd regret eating!

So I end up "binging" on low fat yogurt and strawberries, or some chopped-up carrots. And before I know it, the urge is over, and I am surprised that I didn't have anything bad. Just don't buy the Galaxy, or the chocolate biccies.

I also like the idea of doing something like cleaning or filing. I always find that this kind of stuff sorts me out big time: you feel so proud for tackling something you've been meaning to do, that you won't want to binge anymore.

You can do it, don't let yourself give up!

Ha ha, I did this yesterday filing bleedin tax returns!!! Gawd it was so BLODDY mind numbing, Ive been putting it off for 3 months but once you've started there is crap and paper everywhere, you *have* to finish it to be able to move around the house! Then you think God! Thank God that's over! And then it's time for tea :)

I detest cleaning and the week before that the bit of worktop under the toaster was driving me nuts cos it was so covered in Marmite and oil and rubbish that I dragged it out... 3 hours later the whole kitchen was clean! :D I *detest* cleaning and stuff if I actually set out to do it, but once I've got off my ass and started something I just have to finish it, then I feel AMAZING when it's done! :)

Also you're right about the chopped fruit/Muller thing, I can stuff myself silly on what feels (and probably tastes :jelous: ) like rubbish and when you look at how many calories were in it its probably less than 200 or something :D

Anyway, I salute anyone who can look after kids, now THAT is an achievement. :cool: Something I could never do, the toughest task in the world.


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Don't do Josie its just not worth it and you will only feel worse for it, fill your mind with something different such as cleaning etc

It will be worth it in the end x x
Distraction definitely helps I go and play with the children take them out . And there's my favourite Facebook lol . I try to keep myself busy a lot of the time .

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