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  1. Funkeedeeva

    Funkeedeeva Member

    Hi all

    I was reading one of the threads that asked if anyone was going from 14 to 13 stone and thought I could join the group. I decided to weigh myself and to my surprise I wasn't 14 stone but 18.3 stone. I was astounded! 3 months ago I ruptured ligaments in my ankle and have been home on crutches. After much reflection I decided to order the exante packs immediately. I start day 1 tomorrow and do not plan to stop until I have lost the 6 stone. I must say I find the discussion and support very encouraging, except when there's talk about the intricate details of food. I know there's a calorie increase intermittently, but the detailed discussions about types of salad or the way the meats are cooked can create devastating memories in the conscientious abstainer. I want to circumvent any possibilities of failure, but although I find this community extremely supportive, I may drive myself potty visualising the food discussed. Maybe someone can help me rationalise this in my head. Maybe I won't be affected by it. Anyway I'm 18 stone going on 17. Bring on day 1.
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  3. Rosey38

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    Good luck for your first day, I found that once ketosis kicked most food thoughts subsided which is very liberating!but the site is a good distraction when you do. Don't worry about current weight, you will defo be in your next stone bracket very soon. X
  4. Funkeedeeva

    Funkeedeeva Member

    Thank you Rosey38. I appreciate the helpful advice.
  5. Nessa1980

    Nessa1980 Full Member

    I too am a food fantasist I think about food constantly. This doesn't change whether I am on a diet or not. I know what you mean about the posts on here and actually for me it doesn't change whether i am in Ketosis or not. I have gone onto WS for myself and have found that much easier just because I can employ all my energy into thinking about what I am going to have for my one meal. I plan it meticulously in my head! i think eventually when I can stop my head doing all this I will be back on TS in the mean time this works for me.
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