i thought


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that the theory was when you drop a stone you drop a dress size?????, i started cd 4 weeks ago on tuesday at 17stone,i jumped on my scales this morning at 15.3,so why am i still in the same clothes, yes there looser but there still the same size:confused:, could it be all the flabby skin round my belly:(
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Hiya, i find I need to lose a lot first to move down a dress size. I have a total of 6 stone to lose but from experience that only means i will drop 4 dress sizes when I get to goal. x


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I dont know the answer but ive dropped 7 stone...and gone down 5 dress sizes...so that theory isnt true really i guess. (from a 22 to a 12)


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I was wondering this too, I'm 5 foot 5 and targeting myself to be 14 stone by the time I go on my hols in 11 weeks and I was wondering why size I'd be by then


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It's impossible to say.
Everyone is different as 2 people can wear the same size but be the same height & weigh totally differently.
Just have to see what looks/feels comfortable at the time.


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Sizes mean nothing anyway, I have clothes in my wardrobe from a size 12 to 20 that still all fit, go figure.

My theory for not going down dress sizes at the beginning was that while I classed myself as a size 20, I was probrably more of a 22 (whatever I can squeeze myself into is the size I am). So it did take at least a couple of before I was a size 18. Then it did start going a lot quicker. My favourite passtime is heading into Next and trying on clothes in various sizes to see which fit. It's great fun, and very motivating when the sizes keep on disappearing.

Congratulations on our amazing weight loss by the way, its fantastic. Another factor could be that the first part of the weight loss is water etc, so may not feature in the inch loss as much.