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I tried a flapjack and...........


On a mission
I liked it!!!!
Having read the different opinions on the dreaded flapjacks and finally plucked up courage and had 1 yesterday and although my first impression wasn't brilliant, had a bit of a funny taste to say the least!! the aspect of actually chewing my food more than made up for it and by the end of it I loved it. i think I can now say I am converted.
The main benefit was we went out for a pub lunch, which we have done before while I've been on LT and I have no problem in having my shake while everyone else eats, but this time I was able to nibble on my flapjack and it seemed so much more 'normal'.
I wish I'd tried one weeks ago now.
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hi girlychick

I agree, they give such freedom. Great being able to go out for lunch, tea and have your flapjack with you.

I even brought one to a dinner party we were invited to and nibbled it all through the event.

It was great to be able to go to the night out and join in in my own little way! :)
thanks so much for that I will defo be trying it this week whats to lose.......


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol! Your nuts!! hahah :)


On a mission
lol, I know I was amazed as well after everything I had read. Great to see you are still losing on refeed Chelly, keep up the good work, its sooo inspirational to us who still have a long way to go xx
god ive tried them 3 times now and still make me want to be sick wish it wernt like that as would be nice to chew something other than nails (that bit was a joke) lol i even thought i might crush a tablet sweetner and put it on top but thought this would be a bad idea lucky you for likeing them


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they taste like cardboard dipped in marmite to me :D


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Yeah I am finding them more enjoyable too especially with sweetened water on top.
I do agree with you tho it is much easier eating them when your out for lunch or something.

you are lucky that you can eat them but to me they will always smell and taste like cattle feed . Yeeuck !!!!!!!!!!
you are lucky that you can eat them but to me they will always smell and taste like cattle feed . Yeeuck !!!!!!!!!!
Since when have you tried cattle feed ?????? :sick:
He He!!!!!!! I know I eat anything but this is rediculous. No I admit I have never eaten cattle feed but have you ever smelt the smell of a feed processing plant . Its that horrible meali smell . I couldnt get past that . I did try one but it was the consistancy and the smell I couldnt hack.


maintaining since June'09
I've always liked the coconut one and acquired the taste for the peanut one after a few weeks. I wouldn't be without them, I take one to work each of my 3 nights and always have one in my bag when I go out of the house in case I get 'caught short' as it were anytime. xx


On a mission
I'm going to try the peanut one this week but will definately get 2 or 3 coconut. I can't say they are the most fantastic thing I have ever tasted but the normality of chewing makes up for it for me x
I found them invaluable for work and eating on the run. They were just so handy.

I tried the maintenance bar that everyone said was yummy but found it way too sweet and not very nice. Each to their own!!!!!


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