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I Wanna Be A Loser :)

Hi everyone!

I've been lurking and posting here (and researching CD to death) for a while whilst following Celebrity Slim. I am now able to start CD so thought I would begin a diary!

After a 25 minute battle with my doctor this morning, I finally managed to get the form signed and have my appointment with a CDC tomorrow (saturday) at 12.30!

I'm both nervous and excited. I'm most apprehensive about the taste of the shakes. I ordered a bumper box of exante earlier in the week but literally could not stomach any of the flavours at all - absolutely awful! I managed to tollerate the CS shakes so as long as I can tollerate the CD ones I'll be okay. I'm not bothered about enjoying them just physically swallowing them. I don't think it helps that I hate milk!

I think losing the weight now is far more important though so I will persevere until I reach a weight where I can begin to eat healthily again.

I am starting on 17st 4 today and I am 5ft 10. My goal is around 12st 10 which is at the top of my BMI. Once I get there, I will reassess my goal weight to see if it needs to be lowered.

Luckily I am off work until Monday 15th August so hopefully all the hunger pangs/headaches etc will be over with by then!!

I presume that my weigh in day will be a saturday but I may end up changing this after tomorrow.

I'm very determined to have the bulk of this weight off by christmas so I shall be definetly sticking to it 100%. I have told my family and close friends that I will not be eating - except maybe the occasional bit of allowable SS+. I will still attend social events but not eat or drink things I'm not allowed. I don't want to cheat as I will only be cheating myself. Obviously we all have slip ups and no one is perfect but I will try my very hardest.

I've tried lots of different food related diets - SW, WW, calorie counting blah blah and I've never really stuck to them because I lost faith due to them taking so long. I hope with the big losses to begin with I will be motivated to continue. All the success stories on here definetly help!

Sorry about the massive post - I'll try to keep it shorter in the future!!:p
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Hellooo! I'm sure you will be fine with these shakes, they all taste so different and to be honest most of them I can barely stomach so I have the same ones over and over! Which I know is boring but it beats being big & miserable!

We started at a similar weight and I'm an inch taller than you & a stone heavier but lost a stone in the first week! Hope that gives you a bit of motivation & best of luck with it! Fingers crossed you like them. Stacey x
Hi Stacey!! That's so inspirational, I hope to match your success! What week are you on now and whats your stats? What flavours do you like?

A stone in a week. That's totally amazing!! I've also lost heart with the other systems not blaming them or anything. I lost a stone on slimming world but it took me a year. And weightwatchers too I only lost a few pounds in about four months. Good luck. You can do it!!
Thankyou, I couldn't possibly do anything else, the results aren't quick enough for me and the support with this is great! Hope you find it as successful as I & many others have x
Oh & I have the choc & choc mint, strawberry, banana ummm & porridge! Can't stomach the others but that's because I'm fussy! Hope you chose well lol & stats on my thread I think hun x
Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement! Got a variety of shakes to try to see what ones I like plus a soup and a porridge!

Feeling positive and hope I can conquer my demons this time! Everyone seems to be singing from the same hymn page here regarding other diets so lots of encouragement!!

How's everyone's weight loss coming along?

Sorry I would quote everyone individually but not sure how to do it on the iPhone app! Xxxx
Ive tried a few different flavours now and really can't stomach any of them :( does anyone know if you can get a refund on the ones you haven't used? I don't think I can carry on - it's a struggle to even finish the packs without feeling sick :( so disappointed xxxx
Ive tried a few different flavours now and really can't stomach any of them :( does anyone know if you can get a refund on the ones you haven't used? I don't think I can carry on - it's a struggle to even finish the packs without feeling sick :( so disappointed xxxx
how are you blending them? i found that all of the shakes were foul unless really thoroughly blended with a proper blender/whisk. also, you can get ready made shakes which are LOADS better.

if i were you i'd get in touch with your CDC and request an emergency appointment to swap the ones you have left for ready-made, then you can at least give it a bit more of a try before deciding to pack it in. if your CDC is any good they should be able to sort that out for you.
I have tried the tetras too and don't like them either! Was blending them with a blender. Managed to contact her and I am getting a refund for the ones I haven't used. I'm just going to have to go back to celebrity slim since they're the only shakes I seem to be able to stomach. Disappointed that it will take longer :(
Oh that's a shame. I have to say i don't like any of the products (except bars which are lush) but i can at least stand a few.

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