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i want a buddy!!!

are you just after an online buddy? if you are, i'll volunteer! you started diet chef 1 day before me so we are probably experiencing the same things


Stubborn and doing it
Hi Hel :)

You should get a little booklet with your order that explains it - how much veg, fruit and milk you can have.

Good luck with your first week :)


Stubborn and doing it
You'll get more privileges on your account after you've posted a bit more on here :)

I'm finding it excellent :) Alas, it still requires willpower otherwise I think I would have done a lot better.
good luck on doing DC hel2254. I have finished my third week, i lost 7lb the first week (was 100%) 4lb the second week (drank a fair bit and ate chickenburger and chips at a staff night out!) and i lost 1lb last week but i was not 100% i was getting very hungry at night and was snacking on toast! Still in just over 3 weeks i have lost a stone, so this diet works, i just need to stick with it!!


Stubborn and doing it
lol toast is terrible isn't it! I don't normally eat toast but when "dieting" I crack toast and jam - it's a kind of insanity lol

Well done on the loses - a stone in three weeks if fantastic :D
well according to the packs, 1 slice of white bread is 96 calories and a serving of my butter is 70 something so everytime i have a slice of toast and butter i am polishing off at least 165 calories, i have still been under 1200 cals per day as i do not add veg or rice or pasta to my meals as they are enough on their own, I dont know what has gone wrong? i get so so hungry in the evening.
I have devised a plan. It is the start of a new week today and as i tend to be really full up after my meal but then really hungry a couple of hours later, i am going to split up my meals and only have half at a time, that way i am eating the same amount but more often. I am hoping this will work as i was gutted i only lost 1lb last week.
how is it all going keighley? have you managed to lose much?

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