I want a chocolate labrador......any advice?


Hi all:D

As you may have read I'm undergoing a gastric bypass shortly:eek: and I've been promising the kids a dog forever but realistically it couldn't happen as I worked long hours, I'm about to go self employed and I'm going to work from home so I thought it would be the perfect time to get the family a dog(puppy) I'll have loads of time for it and all that walking is bound to get me fit n help with the weightloss.

The problem is where do I get one? some sites I've been on say next litters due October....does anyone have any advice?......I am reading up on them as we all want to give the puppy a great start:D even the kids are doing their research:D

So all advice welcomed:p
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Woof Woofington

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Chocolate Labrador

Totally agree with the other reply - Labrador forums highlights where you can find a Labrador - rescue or from a breeder. If you go through a breeder, make sure they are reputable (the forum will help with this).

Why not consider a rescue labrador? There are plenty of chocolate Labs looking for homes. Try www.dogsblog.com/ as well, which helps you search by breed.

Also your nearest Labrador Rescue may be able to help - check out www.helpalabrador.co.uk.

Good Luck.

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I volunteer for a Labrador Rescue in the south of England. Please, please avoid sites like Epupz. A good breeder will not need to advertise their litters for sale. A reputable breeder will have homes waiting for the pups before they are born!

Beware adverts in the free-ads or classifieds - the majority of these people just want your money. My own Chocci Lab girl was a puppy farm *****; bred from every single season as a money making machine. Her litters were taken away from her and sent to a dealer in Kent to sell. She's now dying of a heart condition caused by being bred from before she had a chance to develop and mature properly. She's not even 10 yet and when she came to me all she'd known was living in a wooden shed.

When you say a puppy, do you mean literally 8 weeks old or would you consider one a little older? Labs, especially Chocolate ones are still pups when they are 12-18 months old. The rescue I volunteer for gets pups given up, usually from 10 weeks upwards when the owner realises that housetraining isn't something puppies learn for themselves.

Check out the Kennel Club website as they have a search facility to find breeders in your area. A good breeder will have both parents there, good hip and eye scores, will not mass produce pups and will want to check you out to make sure you can give on of their pups the best home.

There are lots of rescue forums - The Refuge and Dog Rescue Pages - UK rescue centre and shelter guide to name a couple.

Sorry to harp on a bit, but Labs are so popular there are ads all over the place for them, and breeders who are in it only for the money will make up false papers, not health check their dogs etc.

Puppy Sales Register - The Kennel Club has some really helpful info :)

Good luck!


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That's really good advice, thank you, Wendy.

I must say I've got a bit blurry eyed at the thought of such horrific puppy farms. It's not something that I've given much thought to before and that's shocked me!

Can't these places be closed down??



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I myself around 3 years bought a beautiful lab from a very well known and established shop near where i live and it was checked over by their local vet on site and within 6 weeks of having her she was ill and ended up with a life threatening disease called Pavro which killed her in the end, so pls be very careful where u chose your pup from.

I just bought a beautiful Staff puppy and she is KC registered, they do cost more to get a KC registerd puppy but at least you know that both her parents went through rigorous tests and were healthy b4 the bred the sire and the *****.

You can also go to the Kennel clubs website and they will give you a list of all the registered breeders that are local 2 u.

Hope u find your pup soon, take care xx


I can thoroughly recommend any lab as a family pet, they are great with kids, but do need someone home with them, (or left for just a few hours at the most) i have a choccie, i love her to bits, she is soooo soft, although a naughty chewer when she was a puppy, like most of them are, labs will eat ANYTHING:eek:


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if you look on the Cambridge website, someone on there has some pups, don't think they are ready yet... but worth a look...

ooh hold on I'll do a link...

Cambridge Dieters

not sure if Kim is a member on here, think she may well be :p


Had my beautiful baby scanned this morning, she is due to have her puppies around 15th-17th april, she is a choccie lab!!!
Was mating her next year, this wasnt planned as we would have liked, but got the ok from vets she is healthy and should be fine, my baby is having babies:cry:


Thanks Guys for all your great advice.

I've been a lil preoccupied with having my gastric bypass however I have been able to do quite a bit of research and I totally believe in a good breeder not having to advertise as their reputation gets acknowledged.

I wont be buying from anyone advertising their puppies this is of no offence to anyone who does advertise just personal choice.

I have been on the kennel club site and registered on a couple of labrador forums and i must say I love how the owners are with their pets, I know a lot more now of what having a dog entails and the more i find out the more devoted I'm beoming to our new family member before its probably even been born:eek:

I hate the idea of these breeding farms, I've had some great advice about how to tell a good breeder from those in it for the money, I've also been given a great guide on what a reputable breeder will charge and the services they provide eg having the puppies KC reg for you, allowing you to talk to previos owners of their puppies etc

Once again thank you all for the excellent advice.....I really can't wait to get the process started of finding our new family member:D


So glad you are doing your research, this will be my girls first and last lot of puppies, we got her from a lady who advertises, but i wouldnt by any means call her a puppy farm breeder, i'll be glad when my girl has her babies, and i know she is well.
the lab forum is great by the way