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i want a takeaway.. help!!


Rebel without a calorie
A shake made up thick like a mousse. Vanilla tastes like sponge cake mix - ooh so naughty - banana heated in micro for 40 secs is like banana custard and chocolate done the same way is like hot chocolate pudding :) If you cook chocolate slightly longer it gets some cake like bits in it!
*puts on overdramatic voice* Noooooooooooooooo Dont Doooo ittt!!


make some crisps, stick something utterly hilairous on the tele and be distracted,I happen to have baby TV on and it is most rivetting... :D
How do you make these mousse things ? do you make up the shake ie shake and water then put in the microwave... do you make it with cold water ?? do you still do it in mixer ?


Guess who's back...?
Don't do it!!!!

You've done 5 days, so chances are you are in ketosis - if you have a takeaway you will be back to square one and have more days of hell trying to get back into the zone. Run a bath and fill it with bubbles... can't order a takeaway if you are naked and underwater! :)


A x


Rebel without a calorie
You can make crisps by mixing the soup with a couple of spoons of water, spreading on baking parchment and microwaving - apparently. I've tried it and they burnt the first time and were basically disgusting, but I don't like the soups anyway.
For a shmousse mix with a little cold water in a cup, you only need a fork. Just mix to a cake mix/mousse consistency. You can either eat cold or microwave for 40 secs. It'll bubble up a little so mix with a fork again. Then eat and enjoy :) You can make them even thicker in a ramekin and micro for about a minute and it makes a flat muffin. Still quite nice but I like my shmousse :) It's just a different way to have them if like me you don't like milkshakes

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