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Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by Cahrlierogers, 14 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Cahrlierogers

    Cahrlierogers Full Member

    so i have taken everyones advice when im hungry and want to snack come on here. i think its working its not taking my mind off eating but its making me think i shouldnt eat and im trying to lose weight and i should be waiting for my tea like normal people instead of stuffing my face all the time
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  3. Cahrlierogers

    Cahrlierogers Full Member

    i got my breakfast thought about and im thinking if i have a good breakfast its gotta set the tone right right? i like the brush teeth one though i surpose when out you could just buy sugar free chewing gum or mints
  4. Cahrlierogers

    Cahrlierogers Full Member

    i bought mouth wash yesterday have been using it today when i wanted to eat it has worked i had some after lunch and it stopped me from thinking about througout the rest of my shift
  5. J4ffa

    J4ffa Full Member

    what you could do is when your feeling peckish drink some water might sound weird but it does help
  6. Cahrlierogers

    Cahrlierogers Full Member

    only think is i work in a place where i cant really go to the toilet and end up to a weewee dance behind the tills have you noticed your bladder getting better cos im sick of going for wees at home
  7. J4ffa

    J4ffa Full Member

    ahh right then i duno hahaha.

    Yeah over time it does not much mine
  8. serialslimmer

    serialslimmer Silver Member

    I hear your cry! I want food, too, most of the time. Even when I wake in the night. It's awful.
  9. Cahrlierogers

    Cahrlierogers Full Member

    I had a really bad midnight snacking problem so i made a list and ticked off everynight i didn't cos i like ticking off and it worked

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  10. Jampotlefey

    Jampotlefey Member

    Cahrlierogers your not alone, my stomach us always telling me I am hungry and I feel sick and shaky if I don't eat. But on the ww plan now . I haveca theory though it's because our stomachs have enlarged so much it needs more food, so whatvwe need to do is just grin and bear it, slowly reduce how much we eat and jaffa is right drink water when hungry. Then our stomach will shrink and we won't feel so hungry x
  11. *jillian*

    *jillian* Member

    I am also having a hard time with snacking I do great all day then come the evening I want to snack and I end up bingeing. I will try and come on this site when I find myself out of control.

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