I want it to hurry up..

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  1. ChocolateChip

    ChocolateChip Member

    Lighter Life
    and be Friday so I can get weighed!!

    I also need some advice..
    I usually have a shake about 7.30am then at about 12 noon then when I get in from work I have a bar at about 6ish and literally straight after I have my last shake. I think it's due to bordem but right now I wish I'd saved it!!
    So, any ideas how to stop myself just tucking straight into my last shake? I wanna save it so I can snuggle up on my sofa, infront of the telly and sip it slowly about 8 or 9pm-ish!!
    Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated?

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  3. nadhak


    lighter life maintaining and occasional re-starting
    hmmm - hot bubble bath - followed by a warm drink....
  4. delilah

    delilah Full Member

    its 9pm now isnt it?! make yourself drink a pint of water before u can have ur shake xx
  5. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

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    Just tell that inner chatter box, "NO", and choose to save it till later! ;)

    Try having a big glass of water after the shake maybe? SOmething to just ward it off.

    Or save the sake till later and have them both together.

    I save all my packs until about 6pm. I have a shake when I get in, then have soup a bit later and then when watching TV, latish around now, I will have a shake and bar together while watching films, etc.

    You will find a way that you like. :)
  6. ChocolateChip

    ChocolateChip Member

    Lighter Life
    Thanks - I think I'm gunna do the drink a pint of water before I can have my shake as I don't feel I'm drinking as much as I should be!! Ooops!

    I'm gunna give that a go tomorrow night :)

    Cheers guys!
  7. Jellybabie

    Jellybabie Full Member

    Do you like the savoury drink powders? Have one of those about 6, i like them with some pepper in....really nice, then save your shake for later, it feels like having an extra soup!
  8. babs11

    babs11 Full Member

    how about using a chocolate flavour and splitting it in 2 to make 2 hot chocolates. think i'll try this next week if i'm still doing this.
  9. ChocolateChip

    ChocolateChip Member

    Lighter Life
    Yay!! I lost 3lbs this week!
    That's 2st 5lbs down!!

  10. perseph0ne

    perseph0ne Full Member

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    Wow! That's brilliant. Well done. So inspiring.
  11. catznolan

    catznolan nearly there!! :)

    lost over 60 lbs with ll
    well done xxx
  12. TheMeIWantToBe

    TheMeIWantToBe Member

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    Lighter Life
    Way to delay that last shake!

    As others have said, delay tactics are good - bath, cleaning :eek:(, walking :eek:) anything like that but what I do is get in from work and have a sachet of the savoury drink with pepper - it means that I don't have my dinner soup/shake til my partner has dinner at 8ish. Then I have my last shake when he has his yoghurt or desert or whatever later on.

    After a little while though you'll find a routine and you won't think about it so you won't be rushing to get it in out of boredom.

    Good luck ;o) xxx
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