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I want to be a Cambridge Graduate!

Hey all,

I started the Cambridge diet last Friday and I have never tried it before. I found it so difficult on my first day and had all the symptoms of light headedness and the shakes. I feel much better now I am on my fifth day. I know I shouldnt be checking the scales but i have lost 5lbs already! I feel happy with myself and so long as i keep losing- i will certainly feel motivated to carry on.

I have to be honest though- some of the sachets are not very nice! and it is hard to be around food. I hope it wont deter me as this is a great quick way to lose the pounds!

Will keep you posted once i have my weekly weigh in...

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i have cheated already :-(

I was so hungry this afternoon that i made half a sachet of sundried tomato cous cous and steamed broccoli. is it going to take me ages to get back into ketosis?
I went for my weigh in today after my first week on Sole Source..... 9lbs loss!!

I am very happy but am already prepping myself for the week ahead and also lowering my expectations... Im certain it wont be a 9lb loss again!
Just keep glugging water ... and if you must cheat .... snack on protein like chicken that way you won't be out of ketosis.

I find the best time is in the mornings to check for ketosis as the urine is most concentrated.
So its nearly 2 weeks since i started. I have certainly been much slacker this week. Been sneaking in crackers and bits of quorn... However i am still keen on sticking to it as long as i can. Its just so hard not being able have the satisfaction of munching on anything. Apart from the bits of oats in my porridge or tiny specks of mushroom in my soup...

My weigh in is tomorrow... lets see if i can make it a stone lost in total!

I think that will motivate me to continue...
I have had such a tough weekend. I have been around lots of family stuffing their faces with Indian food, thai food, pizza, "blackpool" fish and chips and fresh fried doughnuts! It has been really difficult but i managed to find willpower which I never thought i had! I also got a lot of support and encouragement from all my family which was really helpful. Working towards my week 3 weigh in... on Thursday.

I have to be honest though- I am still struggling to enjoy the soup and porridge sachets... In fact on a couple of occasions i have wanted to opt for missing a sachet- but i didnt! As i know I get my RDA from them.
Weigh in tonight! I am hoping to have progressed in a positive direction.

I have been a little naughty here or there with a couple of pieces of popcorn, quorn slices and a breadstick or 2. I just cant help myself! As much as i feel i am seeing some results already - it just feels like doom and gloom thinking about living off those sachets for months to come!

The scariest part is the people i have told i am doing CD have seriously warned me off it telling me that I will put the weight back straight on when i stop!!

It is getting to me now- is this true?

If it is i keep wondering why i am doing this to myself!
Good luck for your weigh in tonight hun.

If you follow the maintenance steps properly, you will not put the weight back on x x
So i went for my weigh in yesterday! Really pleased as I had another 4lbs loss.
I feel happy apart from the fact i cannot go out for dinner and enjoy myself and have to have the horrid sachets. each day is a struggle!

I think it will take me till september to get my BMI to "normal". In the mean time I have a holiday to NYC booked and 4 weddings to go to. No fun at all. :(

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