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I want to be a Teeny!!!


Restart 3/9/2013


Is posting like mad!
I know what you mean but for me I am in my teens and I wanna be a Tweenie!! not the puppets but the period before the teens 8-12!!

Definately can't wait to be a teeny in clothes though!!!!

You will do it!


Unzipping the fat suit
well done on your loss so far, you'll be a Teeny in no time! I can safely say it is a great feeling - and then getting in the teens in dress sizes is too! The last time I was this size was 14 years ago! Looking forward to being a tweeny now... oh to step into a shop and pick up a size 12 - I have no idea what that feels like as I was a size 14 at 14, 16 at 16 and then upwards from there.

keep it up with the SS!

I can't believe I weighed 21 stone last november and wore a size 28/30 now a comfy 18 at 16 1/2 stone... looking forward to being in the 15s soon!
When I got under 20stone it was brill felt like a barrier was lifted, you will be in the teens in no time. I was nearly 21stone. Now im looking forward to hitting the 16's anyday soon now :whistle:


Restart 3/9/2013
Wooohooo well done Becky!!! Can I ask what your original starting weight/highest weight was?
i started at 20 6 (size 26)then got down to 17 stone but with my breaks got back up to 18 2 im in size 18/20 clothes now ans i bought a dress the other day in a 16 which fits perfect!! im in the mid 17's now according to my scales!! hth

becky xx


Restart 3/9/2013
Thanks hun. Hoping to be under 20st when I go on holiday - fingers crossed!!! Decided to try and stick to 810 while I am on holiday - want to lose weight while I am away :D Plan to swim and walk alot hehe

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