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I want to cry :(

G: 0st10lb
Oh Jez i am so fed up :cry: i am one of these people who really struggle to lose weight, if i starve myself and dont allow myself an ounce of freedom i lose weight, if i so much as sniff a calorie i gain weight, i am so fed up of living like this ive been on a diet since i was 14 im now 35 so it is a way of life for me. But why cant i be normal?? Why cant i go out and have the odd meal and not gain weight!!!!!! I am so miserable, i dread weekends because im so restricted with food and drink that i dont feel like i can do anything any more, sick of everything :(

Sorry to go on but im on real downer!:cry:
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Oh hun, not sure what to say but didn't want to read and run. I've been overweight since my mid teens too.

Have you done slimming world before? It says week one in your postbit so if you've not done it before then please give it a chance to work for you.

The support on this forum is amazing. If you're having trouble with the plan then post a food diary and we can help with ideas and recipes, point out where you could be going wrong etc.

You don't need to starve yourself with Slimming World but you do need to be sensible 98% of the time...that doesn't mean not eating though, it means making healthier choices and maybe change the way you cook foods..(no frying etc).

I would really give yourself a few weeks sticking to the plan 100% before deciding it doesn't work for you. Please don't give up, us lot can help if you give us more info. *hugs*


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Hi Tanya,

I agree with The Missus. Can you give us some information about what you're eating and where you're up to with SW (is this still your first week ?). Are you managing to stick to the plan or are you falling off plan more frequently than you would like ? Everyone is different - for most SW works as it is, but occasionally for some people it needs a bit of tweaking. We can help by looking at your diaries. I suggest that you have a look round at some people's diaries and food diaries. That may help give you some ideas about yummy food to make so that you don't feel deprived.

Big hugs and hope that we can help in some way.

Gail x


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just wanted to reply as it's my first time on sw and it does feel a bit daunting to me- it just feels like a totally different approach, I could have written your post. Hopefully it will work out for both of us xx
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Im the same - i really struggle losing any weight. im active all day walking the dogs sorting out the kids - dont pick between meals but this free food isnt doing me any good at all im eating what i need to to stop me feeling hungry but the scales are not shifting.
good luck to us both girl! your not on your own feeling cheesed off with it all
G: 0st10lb
I am so glad i am not the only one, its a shame but some of us just are not meant to be slim and have a life it seems. Ive turned down parties and holidays, events etc all because i dont want to eat the food or have to much too drink. I am so fed up of not being able to do anything it gets ya down :(

Have started trying to do a bit more excersise this week, bet it doesnt make any difference though :(


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I just replied to your other post but im one who sadly fails at social occasions. Some are able to have a naughty meal and a few drinks and dont gain. I ALWAYS gain if i do that...even if ive been really good all week.

THankfully it doesnt bother me too much, im a single mum and im in a lot of the time with my daughter and enjoy a quiet life cooking all my SW meals etc, and my friends all understand and they come over for a SW dinner or we go out somewhere that i can eat sensible food but sometimes it is really frustrating! xx

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