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I want to cry


Glug Glug Glug

I weighed pretty much the same as you when i first started (14' 11) But after about 7ish weeks i was up to 12 stone 11. (Obviously i got silly and stopped, hence having to restart) But what im saying is - give it a couple of weeks and youll get that confidence back and youll start to feel good about urself!


Here we go again!
I started a lot heavier than you and am still heavier than you so don't despair. You've made the right choice starting LT as the weight will fall off you as long as you stick to it and don't cheat. Keep positive and good luck. You can do it. If I can do it so can you.


Feeling fab!
Im sitting here holding the bag containing my lipotrim wondering how did i get to 14.stone 12lbs ...this is going to be so hard please help me to stick to this :cry:
I need a kick in the backside start kicking please:sigh:
Beached Whale, you have taken the first step - congratulations. I thought exactly the same as you initially ( and i'm alot heavier than you!)i didn't think i could ever go without food, as i love my food. But i have been on LT for two weeks now and feeling great. Once you get through the first few days,it does get that bit easier. We are all in the same boat and are here to support each other. Good luck starting the plan.Shout if you need anything


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Try not to dwell on how much you weigh now. This is your starting point. Everyone has one of those and mine was very high. But it will go down as long as you stick to the plan.

Take the diet a day at a time and keep looking at the Inspirational Slide Show as it shows before and after pics.

Good luck. You can do it

Irene xx

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You have taken the best step you can towards your goal weight, I'm loads heavier than you despite losing over 4½ stone so far, you can do this, you will grow to love it and you will be amazed by your 1st weigh in results! Good luck hun, stick with us on here and we'll get eachother through! xx


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Im sitting here holding the bag containing my lipotrim wondering how did i get to 14.stone 12lbs ...this is going to be so hard please help me to stick to this :cry:
I need a kick in the backside start kicking please:sigh:


You have made the first step in the right direction and now it is time to look forward and plan the new you that will slowly be revealed as the weight comes off.

Feeling overwhelmed is very natural and I think most of us have felt exactly like you are feeling now, I know I did.

Instead of thinking of your weight you want to lose in one lump sum, cut it down into 'mini goals' which are achievable as these will help to build your self-esteem and your belief in yourself once again.

Now is a good time to take before photos and do your body measurements from neck down to ankles and not forgetting upper arms.

Starting on Lipotrim it takes awhile to get use to the taste of the vitamins and minerals in the shakes but your taste buds will adjust and eventually all you will taste is the actually flavours like strawberry, vanilla, chocolate etc.

Leave the flapjacks for a few weeks at least as they are more concentrated and take time to acquire a taste for them. I would be lost without them now but at the beginning I never tasted anything so vile in my life and never could of imagined how it was possible to eat them.

Take a small glass of water before taking your shake as this will help dilute the taste and again after drinking it.

If you find them difficult to drink a whole shake, it is probably best to split the pack and make two mini meals out of it instead of one whole meal.

Just make sure to make each half up fresh and consume within 15-20 minutes as some of the vitamins are water-soluble and will lose their nutritional value otherwise.

The first week is the hardest as your body adjust to the new diet, so take it easy and be gentle with yourself.

Wishing you good luck on your diet journey.

Click on the link below to help you make your way around.


If you need any help please ask.

Love Mini xxx


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Hello hun,
I've just started today too and it is such a big incentive to read the blogs on here, they have helped to give me a big jolt to do this and everyone's got so much advice, i've had my first shake about an hour ago and feelin very positive.
Good luck hun, you'll do great! Turn that negative into a positive! xx


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Don't cry, instead rev up your motivation engine, put on the blinkers and jump in. :)

We will all be here to help you along your journey to where you want to be..xxx :D


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I felt exactly like you nearly 3 weeks ago, I dreaded starting in a sense because that was the end of my fatty, comforting, satisfying foods. I never thought it would work for me, but I am now after only 2 weigh ins 12lb lighter and my clothes are getting looser, friends are noticing the difference. Yes, I would still like to have some of that food, but now after nearly 3 weeks on lipotrim, I can see food for exactly what it is, its a provider of energy and after having lived on shakes for 3 weeks, I now know I dont need to eat as much to give me the energy, infact, I now have more energy, feel better about myself, my skin is heaps better, my house is cleaner, (not that it was dirty lol) and I can clearly see my goals.
Just get the first few days out of the way and your first weigh in, and I can promise you, you wont look back.
Congratulations on taking the first step to the new slimmer healthier you. Good luck hun.


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Beached whale, look thru the posts and you'll see that we're all singing from the same hymn sheet. Those that are starting out are struggling like mad and those of us who have stuck it out for a couple of weeks are already about a stone lighter and really motivated. That will be you TOO very, very soon. good luck:)


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I felt exactly the same as you when I had my initial WI at the start - and I weighed a lot more than you do - I couldn't believe I had let myself get so big. BUT, as everyone has said, you have decided to do something about it now and you need to look ahead rather than in the past. The new you will be a lot lighter. This time last year I could only dream about wearing size 12 jeans, now it is a reality (depending on where I buy them!)

Good luck with your journey and keep on posting, this lot on here are the nicest, most supportive, helpful and encouraging bunch you could find and never fail to cheer me up.



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and just think if you start now and stick with it how fabulous you'll look when the warm weather arrives, now there's another big incentive x


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Please dont dwell on the past the weight didnt come on overnight and it wont disappear overnight, however with LT if you are toatally focused and take 1 day at a time the weight will move quicker than WW or SW.
There are plenty of guys on here me included who started a lot heavier than you and have succeeded or in the process of succeding, so think of how you want to feel next week next month next year and not how you feel now/yesterday
Theres plenty of support on here please when times are tough and they might be in the 1st week come on here read the posts vent your spleen if need be but you will succed I promise if you give 100%.

Sorry sounds a bit deep but LT really really works
all the best YOU CAN DO THIS
xx Sharron