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I want to eat everything in sight!


What doesn't kill me.....
:sigh: Yes that is really how I feel. i just want to eat everything in my kitchen.

I'm not hungry... I'm not necessarily bored... I'm just exhausted and stressed. Ayleigh is sick again and i really don't like her doctor very much. He's not a "bad" doctor.. but his bedside manner is horrible.

I thought I was going to have an upper hand on this cold this time. Ayleigh has allergy induced asthma and this is her worst time of year. So last month when her allergies/asthma acting up... she went back on all her meds. A week after I got it under control, she got a cold. I kept her on all her meds even after the cold was over because everything is starting to bloom around here and she has a severe tree pollen allergy. Yesterday, she woke up with some congestion and I was like... ok... She's on all her nebulizer meds.. she's on all her allergy nose sprays.. I'll just add the mucinex and we'll be good. No.. didnt happen that way. Last night she was coughing every 10seconds and woke herself up basically.. So I got her up at 11:30pm to give her another treatment... then it happened again at like 2:30am... another treatment... fell asleep with her in the recliner for a bit, back upstairs.. basically it was a night of coughing and not sleeping.

This morning was no better.. and her doctor supposedly has saturday hours. I figured I'd take her in considering she goes to her father tomorrow for 3 days. The lady answers and tells me that he is actually not in today and so I said "then what are you doing there?"

Basically she takes messages. He called me and basically did like.. a diagnosis over the phone. Which I'm greatlful for and his suggestions are helping... But I'm just tired...

She's miserable. It's so hard to watch your child be miserable and sick. And I always feel like an unfit mother because when other kids get a cold.. it's just a cold. When she does.. it's a freaking event. If I'm not ontop of it like white on rice, then it can become a hospital event. Sometimes I just wonder why can't it be easier?

And that in itself just makes me want to eat! :break_diet:

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That must be really tough. Sorry to hear your daughter is unwell. It's so much harder keeping to diets when you're tired & stressed. The thing that keeps me going is thinking that if I give my body good stuff it will cope better with things than if I give it rubbish!! It sometimes helps anyway!!


in my dreams!!!!!!
sorry to hear about your little girl, lr. as you say its so hard when they're sick, as a mum you just want to take it away from them and see them better.:wave_cry:

so trying to be good with your food is doubly hard especially if you are knackered lol. try and stick with it lr as ultimately you will feel bad for giving in and will love it next week when the scales show anothe loss. chin up x:hug99:


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awwwwwwwwwwww bless your little one, my daughter has a simular illness and from the age of 6 months when ever she gets a cold her cough it terrible i have to sit in with her as she has choked on the mucus before, its horrible hun and i sympathise with you 100%.... i hate this time of year when its a weather change but i have to say she is 8 now and touch wood from the age of 7 she has been 90% better. i used to eat at night to stay awake and i eat with frustration. i hope you can try to stick with it or at least try to grab something healthy rather than junk hun. hope your little one picks up soon xxxx


What doesn't kill me.....
Thanks everyone. She is doing better, but I just sent her off to her father until Tuesday, and he is horrible with her treatments. In his mind, if she is not showing any symptoms, why give her the medicine. I wish asthma was that easy.. Especially in young children. It's not about wheezing or having an attack...those are symptoms of older children. Her only symptom is coughing. And if you can't tell the difference, you can dismiss a cough as being just a cold when it's really her asthma! Both he and I had asthma as children... and we both out grew it... but his was much more severe then mine... and I think it has to do with this mentality of no symptoms.. no treatment. I don't think his parents were properly educated in the subject and he landed in the hospital several times as a child. I never got that far... most likely because my mom and her mom have it too.

Sometimes I wonder why me? My mom says that it's better me than anyone else... as I take action and give Ayleigh all her meds... where as we know many people who just don't know any better and would let things run their course in their kids. Little bodies are just sooooo different.

I did end up eating.. just not everything in my kitchen. I had a couple of those bite sized candies (milky way) that my mom bought. They were yummy.. and I didn't feel so bad that I ate them... it wasn't like I ate a whole chocolate bar.. I basically ate the equivalent of a bite of one. Lol

I wish I could let stress go more easily. I know some people.. like my boss... it's like water on a duck's back.. just rolls right off of her. I don't know how to do that. I just simmer with it until it becomes a roiling boil and then I blow. How do you go about taking stress and dealing with it differently? I have no idea how to even approach it!


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