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I want to Eat!!!!!!

I have just had a mini debate with myself and husband about whether I was going to eat something from the local Take away!!!!! :devilangel:

Hubby is going to have an Indian Meal, and we discussed the pros and cons of me having maybe a chicken Tikka starter or something similar. I know would still be in Ketosis, have two packs left for the day so would limit the damage, but .........

I am only going to do one more week of full packs, so should be ona high from my weight loss and the journey moving to the next stage by next Sunday.

I have decided to post on here, then go to bed and look through my management books I collected today.

On a positive note, I wanted to pick one of the healthy options, husband is really supportive and has let me make up my own mind. I know it's the crooked thoughts telling me other have eaten for all sorts of ocassions and are still in the game, so why shouldn't I have a bit of something?

Anyway, off now before get him to add a starter to his order.

I feel sad that maybe I just haven't "GOT IT" and will eventually slip back into crap habits


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You have 'got it' because you've thought it through, and you're ready to pack yourself off to bed if you have to and you've asked for help and you've had a debate with yourself and hubby.

You are almost there, you know what this means - we're all having wobbles as we get closer and closer to our goals...part of us is scared of success - let yourself succeed - and think about how sweet victory will taste!
Sam you've definitely got it, you really have.

I too am having a wobbly evening. I have sat and talked myself in and out of all sorts of things but really have been fixating on some kind of carb fest of the savoury variety. Pizza featured heavily.
The thing that got me through it was the realisation that it's just a Saturday night where I'm home alone and feeling a bit miserable with the weather. That really isn't anywhere close to justifying a fall off the wagon. And knowing that I've come through some overwhelmingly huge nights out, functions, stressfull situations blah blah...if I caved just because basically I'm bored, how would I feel after that?
And what could this lead to in terms of patterns of behaviour?
It's so frustrating when it gets to this point for me!
Well done!
Thank You.

Well I did go upstairs, had a veg pack and later a choc pudding and custard and sat reading the management material.

I felt plased not fell off the wagon, and today is another day.

It is so strange how one way or another we try to sabotage ourselves. At least we have this and other supports to keep us on the straight and narrow.

I thought the management books were informative and I can see that all the proteins I like bar cheese come in in the first three weeks. Lots of variety and tastes I have missed.

Alcohol on week 5 will also just be introduced for my holiday, Brill. I can have the odd glass without feling like I've cheated.

Thanks Again folks.

TG, Did you cave into a bit of pizza? or march it on it's way.

What have you decided to do Sarah about management?

Sam xx


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Sam I'm so glad you didn't give in to the thoughts. Well done! :)
Wellyou did good girl! You ARE getting it! You had a well thought out plan that obviousy wrked & you didnt eat so how fab is that eh! Soon you will but you can take that same self restrait & use it then too! Good on you!

Mrs Lard

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Hi Sam

Just want to re-iterate what everyone else has said - you have SOOOOO got it!!!

Well done. I think the important thing (which I haven't practised during my wobbles) is to think about the consequences afterwards - the next day, the next week...you know!

When you're in the middle of wanting to eat, it feels urgent and desperate and thoughts of anything beyond the food seem impossible. But it's all about stepping back and accessing your adult state - WHICH YOU DID!

Well done, you AND this experience will help in the future when you get another wobbly moment - you can tell yourself you've done it before and you can do it again.

Seriously impressive!!

Take care.

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks again for the support.

I must say this week is one of the hardest and you would imagine it should be easy at this end of the game. Complacency is my problem, but whatever happens come Sunday I will eat a juicy piece of Salmon!!!!

Sam xx
and what a joyful, planned & adult day that will be! Well done for resisting! Let us know how the first meal goes!! Starting to fantasise about mine (tuna it will be!!) in a couple of months time!!

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