I want to eat

Jelly belly

On week 5 of Cd and I desperately want to eat something today. :eek:

I'm finding it really hard not to grab something out of the fridge or the cupboard.

I've tried drinking more water but am feeling really bloated. :mad:

No point to this post really but I'm trying to keep busy so that I don't eat.

I'm doing well (really well) and although I've eaten planned meals for nights out I WILL NOT pick at things whilst i'm in the house.

Look at some old photos of when you were slim! That will keep the motivation up! Better still, stick some on your cupboards!
I too am on here for distraction!
I've been feeling the same way today so know just what you mean.

But since you're on week 5 can't you have some food for your add a meal thing? or have you already had it?
Hi Girls...:D

Get out of the kitchen (if your pC is not in there!!), try and find something totally engrossing on tv or a book and go to bed as soon as humanly possible.

The morning will be here before you know it and another day done and dusted:)
Hi Jellybelly....are you not on AAM this week ?? it's usuallly done after 4 weeks of SSing.....??:confused:

could have some chicken/broccoli....??
I agree Jellybelly should you not be on AAM ?
All I can say is drink stay away from food and find something to do.
How about a nice long bath
Paint your nails can not eat with wet nails
You have done so well in 4 week do not give in now.
Sending lots of positive vides and hugs xx
Thanks guys,

Ended up going to bed early and have been fine since.

Not doing AAM, my CDC suggested 1 meal a week if needed.