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I want to kick and screaam!!

Sorry, it's just. Today is a bloody hard day! Darnit! It's hard! I just wan't to scream a bit.

There, phew. Feels a little bit better. But. Darnit! Stupid god damn food obsession, stupid overweight tummy and clothes that don't fit. Damn those darn boots that don't fit my calfs, the god damn openfire made pizza that I love, all the things I'm missing right now, the butter and bread, creamy stupid 1500 kcalorie pastas that are so freaking delicious. The cinnamon buns, the jams... The toasts. The god damn grilled cheese! YUMMIE! But no. Here I am, me and my chubby god damn tummy, my heavy legs, the tired body to which nothing fits! I miss buying a ton of buns, making tea and just EAT myself through a tv-show, forgetting about my day. Eating a bit more. Almost falling asleep on the coach from being so full. I miss the comfort that food gives me... I miss it a lot.
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Was this meant to make me smile??
I know exactly what you mean, I had a day off today, 6 hours peace without the kids and what I really wante to do was have a nice lunch of Tiger Bread and Cheese like I used to. Probably would have made me feel rubbish like it used to but that doesn't stop you wanting it does it?
myrtlemoo: I'm telling you straight from the heart, or tummy... :p
jessicacaca: Haha, if it did, then it was good! It actually made me smile to when I read it again. I don't know, anyone who has tried to loose weight must regcoginize that a bit? When you just want to be grumpy like a 4 year old going "I DON'T WANT TO I DON'T WANT TO." Yeah, maybe it's just self-pity... :p
:8855: :8855: :8855: :8855: :8855: :8855:
You go ahead and kick and scream girl . Im sure we all feel like that at one time or another. Im on a monthly period and wanna kick and scream too. My poor tummy is aching for a bit of comfort food. Why do we do this to ourselves ???? ...... oh yeah i remember we wanna be slim .. So i must keep my hands out the fridge or cupboard arghhh.... Think will now join you kicking and screaming on the floor lol ...
Anybody else wanna join in ?

:8855: <------- Tissletass

:8855: <------- Debbie

Haha, yey! Sweethearts, I guess it's good to blow off some steam on occasion. :)

I feel much better today! And I have had a BIG cheat, though a planned one. One of my good friends made a really first class 4 course dinner with wine, really really nice! I feel good about it though, I think you need to learn to add days like that - what's important is what you do all other days of the week and that you keep going. So I feel good, just, aaah, so excited. I wish it would work faster, loosing the weight.
Fantastic original post! Made me laugh out loud. Yep, it's very very tough. Kick and scream all you like if it helps! (I used to go into the bedroom and punch the lights out of a pillow - then apologise to that pillow). Whatever gets you through the day/evening/night!

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