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I want to lose weight tips plz?


Im 20 years old, 6ft, 17 stone in weight and male.

I would like to lose weight. I would like to be 15 stone or even 14. I enjoy eating foods such as cheese, chips, meat, and a range of faterning cakes.

Where do I start?

Im at home alot because I work at home and my mother buys the food in and she gets alot of fatterning food even though ive said dont... lol well i enjoy eating meats such as beef, chiken, steak, fish etc and this is supposed to be heathlyish? well porbably the healthiest thing in my diet but then I have chips with it or potatoes.

Please advise and maybe some nice meals I can try that i will enjoy that are lower in caloies and that burn fat.

I dont do any exercise and I drink lots of fluids - low fat or water.

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Have you looked at Slimming World? I too love my food and I have successfully lost three and a half stone with SW. You can eat loads and still have treats and the meals are suitable for the whole family
Hiya James,

First off well done for making the decision to do something and for finding minimins. I'm sure you'll be having a look round and that'll give you both inspiration and tips. It'll also give you a flavour (no pun intended) of the different plans out there from the meetings based ones (although not always) like Slimming World (SW) and Weight Watchers, to the Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCD) where you replace all or most food with shakes and soups. Plus a lot more besides. Bet you've heard of Atkins and slim fast!

I find it hard to stick with a plan and I'm not ready to give up on food just yet so I'm doing a few eating changes of my own. I'm eat keeping a food diary to make me think about what I eat (if I eat it I have to write it!); smaller portions; and a bit of calorie counting i.e. knowing what calories are in stuff and keeping a bit of a tally in my head. I did a few days of proper counting and it made me obsess over whether I had 50g of banana or 55g!.

There are also threads on here with recipes which are worth looking at. I highly recommend making Jelly Snakes http://www.minimins.com/recipes/56586-jelly-snakes.html. But that’s partly because I’m obsessed with jelly at the moment. The recipe thread is also good for pointing to other resources online such as the Good Food Magazine which lets you search it’s recipes by calorie range.
Finally I’ll say to look to yourself. You sound like a clever enough man and I bet you know what is and isn’t good to eat. You already know loads of butter isn’t going to help and that eating more broccoli than potatoes is. Think about what you snack on. Think about the size of your portions (you don’t have to eat it all despite what your mum might have said when you were a kid – I’m still battling with that one – lol). Oh and everyone on here seems to say drink loads of water!
Whatever way you choose to do it - good luck. You can do it if you concentrate. Expect it to be great some weeks and not others the rest. Don’t give up when it feels tough, come on here, read some posts, whinge, post something and the support will find you.
Sorry for going on. First post of my day always seems to be the longest and you are my victim! :)


i love minimins me :)
hey james

am 21 and need to loose 6 stone!!! i have jus started sw and find it easy!!! i have tried every other diet but i love sw cos u dont have to measure portions out etc, on red days u can have as much meat as u want!!! n as for chips u can make ur own out of potatoes in the oven takes bout 30 mins n they r lush!!! on green days u can have as much pasta n potatoes u like, n then u have syns which r used for treats etc

why dont u have a look around all the sub forums and see the kinda things u can have on each diet

good luck!!!
Hi James

You need to get your mum onside as well, don't you? If she's buying fattening food for you even though you've asked her not to then maybe she doesn't understand how important this is to you.

If she knows you're serious about this then she'll hopefully start buying more fruit and veg and less pie and cake.

Time for a heart-to-heart I guess.

Good luck.
Well, set your weight loss goals first than strictly take actions according to you Goals. Keep your diet healthy and of low calories.
Exercises, such as walking, jogging or running really helps to reduce significant weight.

Don't Forget to Updates Us with your Progress.

Sophia Alliee
The first thing you must do is think about what you are eating and cut that down drastically.

Aim for 2000kcal per day.

Also, you need to exercise. Is there a diet out there on which you can lose weight without exercise? They're might be, but I doubt it.

Get out and walk, jog, run, buy a bike, do some push ups etc.

You should see the weight fall off you.

Keep us posted my friend.

Good luck!!
hi, I used to have that problem of having fatterning food in my house! when i used to live with my parents, my dad always made lots of puddings and I would say no some days then give in, I was trying to loose a few pounds then! :p and then when I went to live with my grandmother she was worse, she had cakes all the time and treats and I became a bit overweight so then I said no most of the time and I started to go to the gym, and now ive moved out I've found it alot easier..as to advice, I say this alot, always eat 3 meals a day and you could try looking in magazines they have recipes in sometimes, and what to eat on diets but I am talking about womens mags! lol

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