I was a 'big loser'... now I am just a big loser

Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet Returners' started by BigLoser, 23 June 2008 Social URL.

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  1. BigLoser

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    What am I on about?
    Well, some time back I was a very active member of the DHH Forum and in a period of about 6 months, I lost 10 stone.
    I don't want to identify myself as I left the community having grown somewhat exhausted of the emotional drain of trying to support lots of different people... the problem is that I now need that help.
    Having lost all of that weight and boy it was a struggle, I have put a lot of it back on... 8 stone back on.
    I am disgusted at myself. I am not seeking reassurance or affirmation but I do need some advice and I hope that someone out there has a little bit of wisdom to offer.
    I am hoping to discover whether or not anyone has any information as to the effects of losing all of that weight, gaining it back and then going sole source to lose it again. My worries are the usual ones but I don't want to single them out as that might close down lines of advice.
    I am happy to go off and do the leg work to get the answers but I have found that if you speak with 'normal dieters' they just don't get SS and the advice you get is all very anti....
    So, is the community still up for giving some advice for a big loser like me?A fool that had the chance that I yearned for and then spoilt it by unhappily putting it all back on again.
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  3. mustdoit

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    lining up to give you advice .................. but i am not the right one as iam on day1 after putting my 3 st back on ...xxxx
  4. clairelesley

    clairelesley Fairy Princess to Be

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    Ditto for me, but I'm going to throw my tuppence-worth in anyway! :D
    I can't give you any advice (medical or from experience) on the physical/emotional/psychological aspects of what you've been through/are going through, but I can share what has motivated me to go back on SS.
    I suppose the big question is: WHY did you put the weight back on?
    I have a good idea of why I did, but now so many bad habits have crept back in that I just want to take food out of the equation again so that I can a) lose the weight that I've regained (obviously, LOL) and, b) get myself refocussed and get some good habits restarted so that when I *DO* have to face food again, I have a better chance of identifying and avoiding the traps that I fell into last time. I'm a bit of an 'all or nothing' person so I actually see this as being easier: clear slate, start again. It's not the only way to go, and of course very much depends on the individual and the circumstances.
    Oh, and I can send you big hugs!
    Try not to be too hard on yourself: you're halfway there because you *KNOW* you can lose the weight, so now you only have to find your own way of keeping it off! Might seem like small consolation now, but it's something.
  5. canaryellow

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    Hi, everyone..

    well firstly welcome back to ss, i also have been on and off, and yeah u guessed it, on and off.. more times than i care to go into.
    like Clairelesley said, your half way there..
    Initially i stopped using the ss plan when my hubby got to his goal weight, this was back in Aug, since then i have had more restarts thatn Lewis Hamilton, i managed to gain 19lb..
    But i still felt in my head good, only when my councellor mentioned it, i was gutted..
    So back on it again, must get that 19lb back off, and a little more for good measure..
    We all know it can be done, hey ! we have all done it before.
    Good luck with the rest of your losses

    Kells x
  6. Nume

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    To BigLoser

    Don't give up! I know all too well how you feel. I have had a similar experience to you. This time try and look after your own needs as much as you can. You sound like a giver and it is easy to become burnt out and then we turn to food. I lost 7 1/2 stone myself but have put it all on again. I know why and it is important that you try and find out what made you put your weight on again. It's not easy maintaining but it is possible..........:cry:
  7. Lisa

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    I was on Lighterlife and lost a couple of stone but then stopped before I lost it all and put back-over a period of time about half. I was glad that I stopped in time and now back on track. Very slowly but working. This time I am determined it won't happen again but I don't believe that re educating eating habits actually happens so I shall carry on daily weighing and putting all my cals into weightloss resources. This is all well planned-I will see if it actually happens!!!
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