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I was doing so well..

..but have stuffed up, and only on day 2, my god I have no willpower at all, had a really good day and then my friend called and said that Debenhams had a late night sale on, and I love Debs, so all was well till we went to McDonalds..of all bloody places. Had been so resolute to just have the normal black coffee but I ate 785 calories in there and now I feel completely rotten, if this is what I am like on day 2, what hope is there for the days and weeks to follow!! Wanted to post this, so I can see it in print for myself..oh hell, its going to make it even harder now isn't it? I must be the only one to have lasted such a short time before failing!! x:break_diet:
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but have decided that I will not p*ss about any longer, this is going to be hard, so I will just deal with it, I want the weight loss so I have to work hard at it. SO....tomorrow is another day hey!, I have committed myself financially and refuse to waste money by not sticking to yet another diet, the results I can get speak for themselves, and I will get out what I put in..rant rant rant over, nite nite everyone xx
It was a blip and you seem to be beating yourself up enough so get back on the wagon and you will be fine. keep coming on here and we can support you.
good luck


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Forget it.. its so early on you have the whole diet ahead of you!
Dont beat yourself up.. jump straight back on this diet is fab.. and if you stick with it you will see great results.
Chin up x
Thank you everyone, am sitting here with my peppermint tea resolute in doing this, will be popping back here most days to give me the push to keep going xx


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Thats what were all here for, its hard to do, but if you want it bad enough you can have it, the feelings you have when you have been 100% is what keeps you going though this, well for me anyway oh and the great losses every week, you can do it too, Good luck.
The first few days are the hardest but don't give up, if I can do this then anyone can!!


is back to finish the job
Yesterday is gone, and today is a new day. Just start today as you mean to go on. You can do this. Keep at the front of your mind what you want to achieve. Keep drinking water, especially if you feel hungry.

Think up some shorter term goals for yourself so that you can take it step by step, day by day.

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