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some ppl ie my mum, say oh that diets bad 4u its not healthy blah blah etc etc..... well, 2 weeks ago id of been sat here now with a bottle of wine ready to open, maybe a bit sluggish so id of maybe ordered a takeaway, and my eyes were bigger than my belly so i always ordered too much and hated wasting food so ate it til plate was empty, oh yes and im not saying i was an alchy but yeah i drank everynite, mainly due to relaxing once kids were in bed, and due to wanting to escape the pain of depression. Fast forward 2 weeks and here i am, prob lb,s lighter, liver recovering lol as i havent had a drop of booze (and trust me this has broken the habit too, once a week now when im at target weight) havent got fat and cholesterol swimming round my arteries etc, so how on earth can it be unhealthy, i,ve broken some habits that will add years to my life and now im fully in ketosis i feel really really good, also i feel happier, yes really, and very positive towards my goal. Just wanted to get that off my chest xxx
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there'll always be someone putting the diet down just remember your reasons for doing it and stay positive and you'll be fine just ignore everyonr else til goal and you'll have the last laugh :)


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hi janie, glad you're still here..was worried you had gone ...didn't see your name earlier...like you I am now in ketosis and feel okay...not great but okay...weigh in 2morrow so hope its good ...will post .:) Ro.


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Brilliant post Janie.

So happy for sweetie. You sound so positive and determined. Don't let anyone deter you from your goals. Every single part of your being will benefit from a healthy, happy, slim body. Everyone around you will benefit as happiness from the inside radiates outside. Once happy with yourself it takes a hell of a lot to bring you down.



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Here here. Agree so much with you. I told my Mum tonight I was doing this and the look of horror on her face. "You mean you dont eat anything???!!!!"

She is just worried but I assured her that if my Doc has approved it and I'm doing it through the pharmacy that it must be ok. She still didnt seem convinced.

Its so nice to hear other people with the same thoughts!!


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Thanks all, yeah im still here i,ll post weigh in tomoro im off straight after school run x


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I have found it goes in a cycle...
1. horror!
2. is it safe?
3. I could never do that, it must be awful
4. eat eat eat
5. oooh look how well you are doing
6. where did you get it from again?

Ive had 2 people start since they have noticed my weight loss and one of them was so adament that it was a fad diet that wouldn't last to start with!

You keep going lovey, they will soon change their tune when you prove them wrong xxx


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emmievic you really make me laugh sometimes! but that is exactly how it goes!... speshington so glad your positive and your absolutely right. people shouldnt judge it unless theyve tried and tested it!..you just keep doing what your doing and the rest can sod off..:) x

irish molly

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Janie, very well put. I found after a few weeks on LT that I had tons more energy, my skin was glowing and I felt just great. TFR breaks all our bad habits: snacking, carb munching, alcohol, sugar fests etc. So much of our eating is just a habit. TFR gives us the opportunity to break these habits for good!!!!
Well done you on sticking with it. Lots of luck for the coming week.