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I will not go off track this week!

Hi everyone,

I figured I may as well start a food diary!
I'm an organiser, I have to make sure everything is ready the day before, if it isn't I don't sleep!

I'm following slimming world on the EE plan & in 5 weeks I've lost 10.5lbs so it's obviously working!
The only problem is, I haven't had an entire week of being good yet, so I hope, if I keep a food dairy where everyone can shout at me for being naughty then I might have half a chance of getting to a 2stone loss by Christmas!

So let's get to the point!

22/11/11: EE

2 x alpen light (HEXB),
black coffee with 2 sweeteners (Free)

Hungarian beef goulash (From the 50 original recipes cookbook) (Free),
1 cheese scone (Diet momma recipe) (Free),
1 portion on Chickpea Dhal (Free)

Chilli con carne (Made with turkey mince) (from the 50 original recipes cookbook) (Free),
Boiled white rice (Free),

Snacks & Drinks:
Black coffee,
Pepsi Max,
Syn Free rice pudding (diet momma recipe)

So that's it for today, I'm trying to have a Syn free week! Let's see how much I'll loose I want my 1stone shiny on Monday!

Charliee x
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So here goes day 2 of the food diary!

I was super good yesterday, had no syns & after I'd had my tea I didn't even want the rice pudding!

23/11/11 - EE

2 x Alpen Light bars (HEXB)
Black coffee with 2 sweetners (Free)

Chilli Con Carne (Yesterdays leftovers!) (Free)
Boiled white rice (Free)

Home-made lasagne (1 & a 1/2 a syns per portion)
Green Salad (Free)

Snacks & Drinks:
Black coffee
Pepsi Max.

So only 1 & a half syns today! Hope I can keep this up all week!

& we're on to day 3 already!
I caved a bit today, but still didn't go over my syns :)

24/11/11 - EE

Bacon (Free)
2 x wholemeal bread (HEXB)
1 x teaspoon of butter (1syn)
1 x teaspoon of tomato sauce (1syn)

Leftover lasagne (1syn)
Salad (Free)

Gammon (Free)
Fried egg (Free)
Fresh pineapple (Free)
SW Chips (Free)
2 x teaspoon of tomato sauce (2syns)

Total syns = 5

Snacks & Drinks:
diet coke
black coffee.

Not too bad today!

Okay, So I went off track. Big time!

But I'm back now & I know I can make this work & I can loose everything I want too by the time I go away (10th September 2012)

So I'm currently 175lbs (I think it's like 12 stone 6) & I aim to be 140 by September (I.E. 10 stone) is a little over 2 stone in 3 months too much to ask!?

Anyway, back to the whole food thingy:

Food Diary for Monday 11th June 2012:

Breakfast: 2 x Alpen Light (HEXB), 1 x Banana.

Lunch: 1 x Cheese & Broccoli pasta 'n' sauce, 20Grams of reduced fat cheese (1/2 HEXA) + 120ml of semi skimmed milk (1/2 HEXA).

Dinner: 2 x Quorn Sausage (2 syns), Mushy Pea's, Mixed Veg, Mashed Potato & Gravy (1 syn).

Snacks: 1 x Cadbury's Fudge Hot Chocolate (2 syns).

Total Syns = 5

Not bad for a first day back! Just need to bloody stick to it now!

Love Charliee
Food Diary: 12/6/2012

So for day 2 of being back on the plan 100%!

I'm kind of enjoying it now!
Also I forgot to add that I did 1 hour of exercise last night!

Breakfast: 2 x Alpen Light (HEXB), Banana & Half a Punnet of Grapes.

Lunch: 1 x Chicken & Mushroom Pasta 'N' Sauce, 20 Grams of Reduced Fat Cheese (1/2 HEXA) & 120ml of Semi Skimmed Milk (1/2 HEXA).

Dinner: (I ended up atmy grandparetns for tea...whoops!) Roast dinner & Gravy (5 syns).

Snacks: 2 x Mullerlight Greek Yoghurt (1 syn) & a Banana.

Body Magic: 1 hour 30 minutes of walking.

Syns for the day = 6.

Love Charliee
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Food Diary: 13/06/12

So day 3 of being back on plan! I feel much better in myself, like I have more engery to go so things rather than just watching TV all the time!

Breakfast: 2 x Alpen Light (HEXB), 1 x Banana & 1 x Activia Banoffee Snackpot (1/2 Syn).

Lunch: Jacket Potato, Tuna & Mayo (2 syns) & a Mixed Salad.

Dinner: SW Chilli, Rice, Mixed Vegetables & 35 Grams of Reduced Fat Cheddar (HEXA).

Snacks: 1 x Banana, Half a Punnet of Grapes & 1 x Activia Banoffee Snackpot (1/2 Syn).

Body Magic: 1 Hour of Walking & 30 Minutes of Sit-ups.

Syns = 3

It's getting easier to stick to properly everyday! I'm really enjoying my food this week, just need to find some recipes so I don't get bored!

Love Charliee


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You are doing well with your snacks! I made SW cupcakes last night and they work out to 1 syn each so I will be having them for snack the next few days.
Ohhh, cupcakes sound nice! Where did you get the recipe from? I'm trying really hard, but I have a feeling that I may need a packet of crisps or something to keep me going (Really long day in work, I'm only half way through & I started @ 6.45). How's your week going so far?


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I got the recipe on this forum as far as I can remember - try doing a google search for '1 syn cupcakes with chocolate icing' and it should come up in the list.

They are a bit 'airy' in texture and the mixture made loads for more than the recipe says me but the little dollop of icing is enough for my chocolate fix with a cup of tea. So although they are nowhere near as good as proper cake - they are good for when u are nearly at your syns limit.

My week has been good so far. I made rice and veg for lunch with a Thai sauce I had left over in my freezer - just cooked it all through together to give it some flavour. The only bit I need to syn is the curry paste so it's pretty good.

How's your week so far?
I'll have to have a proper look through the recipes on here! There's so many I'm not really sure where to start.

That sounds nice, & I don't think curry paste is too bad?

It was going rather well, I think! Hopefully it'll show on the scales, I'm weighing next Wednesday so I've go plenty of time to sort myself out!
Food Diary - 14/06/2012

So Day 4 of being back on plan, I'm loving the walking I'm doing! I'd say in the last week I've walked more than I have since PE in school!

Breakfast: 2 x Alpen Lights (HEXB), Half a Punnet of Grapes.

Lunch: Pasta 'N' Sauce (Tomato & Herb), 40 Grams of Reduced Fat Cheddar (HEXA), Sweetcorn.

Dinner: Diet Coke Chicken, Mixed Vegetables, Slimming World Chips.

Snacks: Apple, Banana, Grapes, 1 x Freddo (5 syns), 2 x Teaspoons of Sugar (2 syns)

Body Magic: 1 Hour of walking.

Syns = 7!
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Food Diary - 15/6/12

So yesterday evening I caved & have a freddo & a cup of tea making yesterdays syns 7 in total.

This evening I'm off to Ikea with the boyf & then to Morrisons to stock up on mugshots etc...(on a Friday night, you'd never think I've just turned 22!)

Breakfast: 2 x Alpen Light (HEXB)

Lunch: Pasta 'N' Sauce, 40 Grams of Reduced Fat Cheddar (HEXA) & Sweetcorn

Dinner: Ikea Meatballs, Chips & Gravy (20 syns?)

Snacks: Banoffee Active Yoghurt (1/2 syn), Banana, Apple & Grapes.

Body magic: 1 hour of Walking.

Syns for the day = 20.5

I know I've gone over today but I've been really low throughout the week so it should be fine! Plus I've been doing lots of exercise all week :)
Food Diary: 18/6/12

Okay, so this weekend I sucked, like so badly I can't even describe it!

But today is a new day, therefore a chance to start again: GREEN DAY

Breakfast: 2 x Alpen light (HEXB) & 2 x Banana.

Lunch: Morrisons Eat Smart Pasta & Sauce, Sweetcorn & Cheese (HEXA)

Dinner: Quorn Spaghetti Bolognaise, Salad & Cheese (HEXA)

Snacks: EDIT: 2 x Alpen Light (HEXB)

Body Magic: 1 Hours Walking

Syns = 0! (need a few days like this to sort me out!)
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Food Diary: 19/6/12

I'm doing dairies for the whole week today, so I can remember what I'm eating throughout the week & can shop accordingly!
I can always come back in & edit if needs be!

Extra Easy

Breakfast: 2 x Alpen Light (HEXB), Mullerlight, Grapes & a Banana.

Lunch: Morrisons Eat Smart Pasta & Sauce, Sweetcorn, Turkey, Beetroot & Cheese (HEXA).

Dinner: Quorn Curry, Boiled Rice & Mixed Vegetables.

Snacks: Mullerlight

Body Magic: 1 hours walking

Syns = 0

Weigh-in on the 20th of June.
I fear because of the weekend I haven't shifted anything :( Hopefully I'll get one step closer to the 11's! I want to be a skinny mini for my holiday in September!
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Food Diary: 20/6/12

Okay, by the time I actually eat any of this I will have weighed (I'll edit with the loss: 2lbs off this week, but I had put 4 on so technically I've gained 2!)


Breakfast: Grapes & a Banana.

Lunch: Jacket Potato with Tuna Mayo & salad (2 Syns)

Dinner: SW Chips, Cheese (2 x HEXA), Baked Beans & 2 x Quorn Sausages (2 syns)

Snacks: 2 x Alpen Light (HEXB), Magic Pancakes (HEXB + 2 Syns), 1 x 25ml Sailor Jerry & Diet Coke (2.5 Syns)

Body Magic: 30 Minutes walking

Syns = 8.5
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Food Diary: 21/6/12

So the weight loss (hopefully!) I'll have from weigh in yesterday will give me the boost I need to head in the right direction!

Extra Easy

Breakfast: 2 x Alpen Light (HEXB), Banana, Mullerlight & A Cup of Tea (2 Syns)

Lunch: Pasta 'N' Sauce, Salad & Cheese (HEXA)

Dinner: Cowboy Casserole (a diet momma recipe), SW Chips & Salad.

Snacks: Fruit

Body Magic: 1 Hour of Walking

Syns = 2

(68 Syns left for the week)
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Food Diary: 22/6/12

Okay, So today Is Friday, normally my downfall but I can beat it this week!

Extra Easy

Breakfast: 1 x Mullerlight, Grapes & a Banana.

Lunch: Pasta 'N' Sauce, Sweetcorn, & Salad.

Dinner: Home Made Burgers (Bun = HEXB), Cheese (HEXA), SW Chips, Salad & Brown Sauce(2 syns).

Snacks: Fruit

Body Magic: 30 Minute Walk

Syns = 2

66 Syns left for the week
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Food Diary: 23/6/12

Okay, So tomorrow I'll be running the race for life (OMFG I must be mental!) so a little treat will go a long way!

Extra Easy

Breakfast: FRY UP! (Eggs, Beans, Bacon, Mushrooms)

Lunch: Ham Salad Sandwich (HEXB + 1 Syn) & a Packet of Wotsits (4.5 syns)

Dinner: Pasta Chicken Enchiladas (HEXA + 1 Syn), SW Chips & Salad.

Snacks: Fruit

Body Magic: None today, I think I'll be doing quite enough tomorrow!

Syns = 6.5

59.5 Syns left for the week
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