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  1. Lauraswift

    Lauraswift Full Member

    Hi my name is Laura and I turned 30 in april this year. I have just returned from an amazing cruise where I are my weight in food!
    I have decided enough is enough. I am at my heaviest way and don't feel comfortable in anything I wear.

    I met my new consultant last night who is great and very enthusiastic. Today is day 1 and I'm so proud to say I have been 100% ss :)

    Here's to day 2
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  3. Colony

    Colony Full Member

    Great job on day one!

    Looking forward to hearing about your first weigh in! Is this your first time dieting?

    Keep us updated! X
  4. Lauraswift

    Lauraswift Full Member

    Hi Colony,

    I did cwp last yr and lost 2 st then was so happy with my weight got complacent and here I am back at the start but I will finish this for good.

    How about you?
  5. Lauraswift

    Lauraswift Full Member

    Well week one is complete :) I had my wi last night and lost 8.5lbs which I was happy with. Here's to week 2 :) I have 16 weeks before I go to Florida so I plan in staying on track and being as close to target as possible.

    How is everyone getting on?
  6. Lauraswift

    Lauraswift Full Member

    Ok so I haven't been 100% but haven't been hugely bad either. Today I am back on track. I have 2 nights to get through then I'm off for 1 week :)

    I was away with friends at the weekend and it hit home that I have this huge desire to be slim and to do this for myself not anyone else! So here goes.....
  7. Lauraswift

    Lauraswift Full Member

    So today is Sunday, and I know some ppl struggle at the wkend a but actually I find it easier when I'm at home. I have a routine of my shakes at 12,4,8 and drink my water regularly. At work I struggle more. As my fellow nurses no, you can't always get to the toilet ( big problem after 1.5ltr of water lol) or I don't always get my breaks so I struggle with my products etc.

    So today I have had 1 shake, 1.5ltr of water and now I'm going to clean my decking. It's a large area so should take me about an hr or so I'm hoping :)

    How is everyone getting on?

    Oh I should mention I'm off til fri so means I can have a good few days at ss without any stress :)
  8. Lauraswift

    Lauraswift Full Member

    So I had my wi tonight :) I have lost 5lbs which I'm happy with since I have been messing about. More of the same for me this week, 100% ss and at least 3 Ltrs of water a day :)

    How is everyone getting on?
  9. Lauraswift

    Lauraswift Full Member

    Well I can't believe its wi night again. I am so happy to say I have been 100% ss!

    I have had a great week and felt very strong around food. I have turned down and amazing buffet, chocolate cake (my favorite) and even Sunday lunch.

    Looking forward to jumping on the scales to see the results. Fingers crossed it all goes well x
  10. Lauraswift

    Lauraswift Full Member

    Ok So I had my wi and I was a little disappointed. Only 2 1/4 lbs lost this week but it has made me stronger and more determined to lose this week. I shall keep with a minimum of 3 litres of water and will only have bar when at work as it's more convenient than trying to make a shake.

    I am also going to try and increase my exercise so let's see how this week goes x
  11. Willpowerwoman!

    Willpowerwoman! Silver Member

    Your doing great do far! I like that you have set times for your packs, I'm starting tomorrow and I might think about doing the same. :)

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