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i wish i hadnt....


Violet is shrinking
so last night as i was tidying up and taking the scales back up stairs i decided to get on them (i'd only weighed myself the day before and i had the big 10lb loss)

couldnt believe what i saw, so this morning i did it again and ive put 2 lbs on :mad::mad::(:(

how on earth have i done this??!! ive been doing the rules,not cheated ive been under allowance every day so :confused:

i really wanted to loose 4 lbs this week,and im motivated to do it even more so now..if i get on them scales next monay and ive got them poxy pounds back on i wont be happy with myself!!

going to finish my cup of tea and have a asdas own slim fast shake this morning then im going to mow my lawns...*walks off glum*
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Hhmmmmm you will probably find that it will even itself out over the next couple of weeks, it happened to me 10lbs is a big loss for one week so don't be disheartened if you do gain this week it's your body balancing itself out xx chin up chick
Scale hopping is the work of the devil, never a good idea and you never like what you see. Make sure you weigh at the same time of day, wearing the same clothes etc. Only once a week if you can manage it, if not, set an official day and only go by that weight no matter what else you see during the week.



Violet is shrinking
thanks guys, i do feel a bit better now. ive mowed the back lawn and cleaned up a bit out there and weeded the front garden.

will go and do the shopping in the morning then going to my new just dance wii game after,looking forward to doing that...obviously the curtains will be shut! :D

Kitty,you are right,scales hopping isnt for the faint hearted ;) i dont know why i did,i resisted all last week too,im not weighing again until monday morning, i do in the kitchen as the floor is completely level and i always weigh naked :D


Taking the Scenic Route..
Aww hunnie trust me i know how you feel...and thats exactly why i threw my scales in the bin! :p
I weigh myself every thursday morning in Boots. If i had scales at home, i would be on the every minute...Not worth it.

Chin up hun, im sure you will still have lost at the end of your week!! *hugs*



Violet is shrinking
Hiya Fru, good luck for tomorrow morning :D

I'm not doing that again,it really peed me off...im seeing it as just a blip..hopefully i can get those 2 pounds off, and maybe 1 extra..

blood,sweat and tears to be done this week ;)


Taking the Scenic Route..
That's the spirit hunnie!!

Ps....when you weighed yourself, had u drunk lots of water or just ate? I did find (when I was serial scale hopper) that unless I weighed myself in the morning before I ate or drank, my weight would fluctuate.
I'm actually doubting very much that you have really gained if that makes sense? Lol
Bet you will be pleasantly surprised at weigh in :) xxx
It's not a blip though, if you were to weigh yourself everyday you would see that your weight goes up and down all the time, its down to things like fluid and hormones. Like the others have said, weigh yourself once a week, same time, same clothes and you will get a true guide to how you're doing. I weigh myself first thing on a Monday morning, just after I've been to the loo and nekkid ;)
While scale hoping is tempting, its not worth it, its really not.


Violet is shrinking
thanks ali..im the same i do it in the morning in the buff ;)

Hi Fru, ive been drinking 1.3 litres of volvic with a touch of orange and peach everyday...i always have a wee before i weigh too :D

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