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I would love your opinion on syns!

Hi everyone,

I just have a quick question about syns. I have only just started the plan again and i have started a food diary and i have noticed that i am having about 5-7syns most days (i'm sure if i wanted/needed more i would have them). My question is do you think that it is best to use all of your syns and have something in the evening like a treat or just stick to what you need? I can't decide and would love to know some of your opinions.
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It's a very personal decision I think. Everyone choses differently. Some refuse to spend syns on meals and will use them solely on treats, others will only use them within meals, some do both. IN the same vain some people try and stick between 5-10 syns per day, some the full 15 others do it weekly etc.

If you're happy enough keep doing what you're doing. If you decide you want a treat have one :) See what works best for YOU and what you will get longevity and results with.

Hi Tracey83, I like to use my syns on treats in the evening, as I always seem to crave something and this way I get to have my fix. I vary mine between 5 to 10, depending on the treat. Hope this helps x


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I tend to use lots of my syns in cooking and then use whatever is left on a treat at the end of the day :) I am using 12-15 a day at the moment (or 18 once or twice! Oopps)xx
Welcome megygogs. You'll find lots of useful info here and if you have a question, ask..... No question is stupid! And they are a lovely lot on here :) x
I tend to use lots of my syns in cooking and then use whatever is left on a treat at the end of the day :) I am using 12-15 a day at the moment (or 18 once or twice! Oopps)xx
ahh thank you, this is what i wondered cause the syns i use is mainly cooking and dashes of milk for tea and coffee etc and was wondering if i would still have a good weight loss if i use the 15 syns or if it was better to keep doing what i am doing, the thing is i have done the plan a couple of times before and i end up giving up, this time i want to make it a lifestyle change instead of thinking of it as a diet, i wondered if maybe i give up because i deprive myself too much and if i treat myself more i may stay on track for longer. Like i say i am fine at the moment as it is only my first week , i am just thinking ahead really! I can see that you are still managing to have fantastic weight losses, well done!

Thanks for all the helpful comments.
I know a few people who save all their syns for the weekend when they go out, although this isnt recommended ! it works for them and they have great losses, ive done it myself if ive had a big occasion coming up ;)

I like to save mine for treats in the evening. That way I don't feel like I'm missing out. Usually something like a penguin bar and a packet of french fries.


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I think if i didn't have treats i would give up! I love knowing i can have a curly wurly when the kids go to bed! I look forward to it all day and because i know i can have it, i find it very easy to stick to plan xx
It depends if you think thE amount of syns you are having is manageable long term. It is pointless depriving yourself of syns you are allowed, as it wont really make you lose weight any faster and treating yourself will make the plan much more easier to stick to, as nothing is really off limits
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I use my syns on weigh in night for a treat. I used to get a spicy chicken pizza which is about 100 syns but now I get chicken in black bean sauce and boiled rice ( 5 syns ) so I still have 65 left to play about with throughout the week. Its a personal decision really.

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I use my syns on chocolate! Aha and sauces like mayo and ketchup, I normally have 12-15 now I'm maintaining, though i always stuck to a max of 10 when nearing target and never had a problem losing :)
i tend to use most of mine in cooking, altho im thinking of changing that as ive struggled this week and had lots of things i shouldnt of had! at least if i have syns available for treats i can have them....i try to have between 10/12 syns a day
I usually use between 8-12syns, I try and limit syns in cooking to 5 and then I can have a glass of wine with dinner or a curly wurly as a chocolate fix in the evening.
I have my syns on things like cappucino, curly wurlys, skinny cow lollys, jelly tots etc & also a dash of ketchup, mustard etc. Oh mustn't forget the quorn sausages!

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