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I would really appreciate some help

S: 22st11lb C: 21st0lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 46 Loss: 1st11lb(7.84%)
Hello :bliss:
I read on here, about people doing the Avidlite shakes diet, and i have thought about doing that, can you replace meals with the '
Avidlite Ready to Drink Shakes, Pack of 3? (scroll down till you see the 3 pack please)
I looked at this site for low carb foods, so is anyone replacing 2 meals with the shakes, and having a low carb main meal?

I know a person started a thread about this, but i didn't want to keep overloading the thread with all my questions :eek:

I was drinking the complan drinks, which are quite nice made up with warm water, but they are 250 cals (approx) and not suitable to have in replace of every meal.

I have lost over a stone in weight with the cambridge diet on step 4 (1200 cals) but i want to try something else

I really want to loose at least 2 stone (preferably 4!) by July time.

sorry for the jumbled up post lol!, i hope someone can reply xxx
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Yes hun, Avidlite recommend that you replace two meals with their meal replacement products and have a low cal, low carb meal as well. They are not really designed to be total food replacement like Cambridge or Lipotrim, hope this helps x
S: 22st11lb C: 21st0lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 46 Loss: 1st11lb(7.84%)
Thanks very much Cheryl :thankyou:

(also thank you for understanding what i meant lol)



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S: 19st10lb C: 15st1lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 33 Loss: 4st9lb(23.55%)
Hi Elaine :)

I think I know what you mean. :p

I'm having one shake and one soup a day alongside a small low carb meal which is usually tuna or chicken breast with leafy green veggies.

The shakes I'm using are the Avidlite Dietimeal Meal Replacement Shakes, Ref: ALH073Z, £6.25 for 7 sachets. Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla or banana.

The soups are Avidlite Dietimeal MRP Soups, Ref: ALU025Z, £6.25 for 7 sachets. Chicken, mushroom or veggie.

I know some people use them as a total food replacement diet, and there does seem to be some difference of opinion as to whether they can be used as such, but on the back of the shakes box it states - This product is useful for the intended use only as a part of an energy-restricted diet and other foodstuffs should be a necessary part of such diet. This is why I'm doing it with a small meal and not as a total meal replacement.

I've just looked on the back of the soups box and I've found much the same message there. I'd looked for it before and missed it - but then the writing is tiny and there are several different languages used.

I've let my water intake slip and find it difficult to leave the tuna alone, which I think has probably affected my losses but I'm still more than happy with what I have lost in so short a time. :) I'm now keeping an eye on how much water I'm drinking and only having 'one day's supply' of tuna in the house at any one time. lol

Hope that helps, Ali :)
S: 22st11lb C: 21st0lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 46 Loss: 1st11lb(7.84%)
Thanks Ali :D for the ref numbers to.
They are a good price to eh! not to expensive at all. Thanks for telling me you have a small low carb meal to. I used to be able to drink loads of water when i did the cambridge, i will need to get into the way of doing it again, it helps loads doesn't it. I really like tuna & chicken and salad to, so it would be on my menu to lol.

I will order them on Wednesday, and see how i get on.
You have done great so far with it Ali! well done! x


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S: 19st10lb C: 15st1lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 33 Loss: 4st9lb(23.55%)
Thanks Elaine. :) Glad to have helped. :)

I thought the ref numbers would be useful because if you're anything like me you get on those sort of sites and there's that much to look at, and so many things that appear to be very similar that you end up totally confused.

And yes, I totally agree about the price. I looked around a fair bit before ordering from Avidlite and they were by far the cheapest. I don't have a lot of money I can spend on this so I needed what I do have to go as far as it could.

I don't know if you've come across it but there is a dietimeal section here - it's a sub forum of the Celebrity Slim section Dietimeal Forum - MiniMins.com - Weight Loss Support Forum . There might be more info there that you'll find useful.

Ali :)
S: 22st11lb C: 21st0lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 46 Loss: 1st11lb(7.84%)
I am ordering the shakes on Wednesday, i am not a fan of powdered soups, so i am getting 8 packs of the 7 sachets, i have ordered 5 packs of chocolate lol, 1 banana, 1 strawberry & 1 vanilla, so i can get 4 weeks worth.

I am looking forward to starting it, this will be my first low carb diet, so i am just looking to see what foods i can eat to :)
Hi Mummyofthree

Hopefully Mummoffour when you're ready!
Have you considered Lighter life?
It seems expensive I know, but for me it has been the only thing that has worked.
It worked for the weight loss and also for the re-intorduction of food.
More importantly for me I have been able to maintain the loss for over a year.
I still go to the group almost every week and it's free once you are a maintainer.
Dooing LL has saved my sanity as well as saved me money in the medium to long term.
It has also given me my Life back.
Good luck whatever you decide. xx

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