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Ibuprofen - Sugar coating????


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A single sugar coated pill might be enough to take you out, but it's strictly short term.

A couple of hours later, you're body will make the switch back to ketone production. (However some people find this metabolic switch-over quite unpleasant. I'm one of them.)


My husband = My hero
oh great!!

i have to take these 3 times a day!!

Might just not take them, and grin ad bear the pain, Bloody Davina!

Thanks John


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you could go and get some from a supermarket that dont have a coating? xxxx


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Yeah either that or contact you doctor tomorrow and ask if there is any available to you without it??
My advice is to buy Nurofen in the liquid capsule form. My pharamacist advised using these as those sugar coated tablets do indeed take you out of ketosis


My husband = My hero
*touching wood * so far seem ok, have taken 2 and no change in the way i feel

so hopeing that im ok.. and my loss isnt afected this week, if it is... then sod the tablets my back will mend itsself lol

thanks everyone for ur advice

and i think i wil go an see if i can find the same high dosage without the sugar!

Just a hint, I always used the Tesco's basic ones coz they had no coatng at all - needed a lot of water to get them down but hey, we drink so much you get used to it! lol! I did buy more expensive ones but they all had the sucrose coating!

Don't suffer if you are in pain.


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