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Icanandwill's diary

So, I held out for years - no stupid diet for me.

And I gained weight in everyone of those years.

Then I found minimins and had a good read round and spent about 6 months pondering... should I / shoudn't I?

Today I started.

So far I have had vanilla for breakfast - not too bad, it smells worse than it tastes.

Fingers crossed I can do this. I have never tried a commercial diet thing before!

Off for a cup of tea - luckily I love redbush and fennel&nettle tea so I may be OK with the water requirements.
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I managed the lunchtime chicken - just - now how do I persuade myself to drink the teatime one????

Can I add leaf herbs and spices? I suppose I can seeing as I can drink tea made from them. So, what flavour could I add to make the chicken taste better??

Might have to get thinking.

And I am definitely getting the chocolate next week, maybe a flapjacky thing or two as well!

And I don't think I have drunk enough water - off to the tap with me!
Hiya, the way I work it is I have a hot vanilla mixed with coffee in the morning.. in the late afternoon I have a chicken with pepper, lots of pepper, I used to add chilli powder or ceyene powder but some people say this is a no no, it didnt effect my losses.. in the evning I make a cup of mint tea and mix it with a chocolate shake.. I prefer all my shakes hot.. if I am out i only bring chocolate shake and shaker, it is the only one i can half stomach cold.. hths x
Thanks. I shall remember that for next week.

I only have real coffee, so that might be a bit difficult at the moment. But as I like the vanilla one it should be OK for a while.

I'll get the pepper grinder out! I was going to use cayenne, but if it is a no-no, perhaps not!
Real coffee is fine (and tastier). make the real coffee up in the maker, pour it into blender, then pour shake powder in, blend and yum yum xxx
I've found some great tips here, I honestly think I would not still be doing this without Tasha's tip on loading the chicken with pepper - it actually tastes nice now!

It's a bit hard doing the water, I keep forgetting - oops! Kettle boiled 10 minutes ago.... OK! Got it.

But it is a bit odd!

Day 2 and I don't feel hungry. Is that normal?

Have just jinxed myself?

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