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ice cream man


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Is the ice-cream man hot?!! (You refer to him as your downfall!!) LOL! Sorry, my warped S.O.H!! Are you filling up enough with free/superfree foods? I find if I'm nice and full I don't really fancy icecream and things so much! If it's the music of the ice-cream van that starts you salivating, and he comes at a set time of the day, why don't you find a distraction so that you are absorbed in something else when he comes along!!! eg have a bath, do some cleaning to your own music, anything at all!!X
when he comes have a mini milk hun u r still having something but only 1.5 syns or a twisler 2.5
if u denie yourself you will cave in the end and have a big cone.
or buy a box of mini milks in


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thanks for all your advice everyone i think i will buy some mini milks i normally buy my daughter a mr whippy but if ive got something in the freezer then i'll have an excuse not to get one x


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Full size soleros are 5 syns each. I also have mini twisters in the freezer that are 2.5!

Or make your own lollies using no added sugar squash/ribena and freeze - totally syn free!!!


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You could always disable the engine of the icecream van so he can't make any visits.... Too over the top/extreme???? Just a thought, I'll get me coat!

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