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I just discovered banana bliss ice cream! HEAVEN. I hate the banana tetra as a drink Bleurghhhh! But frozen is scrummy, I love banana ice cream, but this was the best. If you haven't already, you must try it - just freeze tetra in anothercontainer for at least 4 hours (I left it overnight and needed a quick blast in microwave).
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The Lovely James Hetfield
I make ice cream with the packs. Just add a small amount of water & mix, followed with loads of crushed ice. I make mine in a smoothy maker.....yummy....xxxx


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I get a daily fix of a frozen chocolate tetra. In fact you have just reminded me im off to have mine.
Wow sounds nice! Do you put the tetra's in the freezer or put it into some kind of tub?

Sorry Rubbish with this kind of stuff..


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I freeze it in its packet and then take it out with difficulty cutting it out of the pack and put in a dish. I micro it for 30 secs if its really frozen hard. It takes forever to eat just scraping away at it and it leaves you feeling full because it feels like youve been stuffing your face for ages. enjoy
Yummy thanks Sallies! Going to put one in the freezer tonight ready for tomorrow I think. Glad you leave it in the tetra too, I know that my brother would end up rummaging through the freezer for junk food and knock it out if I was to put it in something other than the carton!

Yay exited x


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let me know if you find it as yummy as i do. Its my days saving. I dont like the bars so the tetra makes a real treat.
i think ill get some tetras next week, ice cream is my downfall and its killing me not having any when theres an ice cream van comes round 3 times a day.. even my dad has his own ice cream van :(
Will do Sallies :drool: I'm saving it for lunch I think (well late lunch!) I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks for the tips! How's it going? x


Aww lancslass that must be hard :hug99:. Ours comes around lots too my brother and sister are always out buying one. GRR! I guess we have to just keep on telling ourselfs the resistance will all be worth it in the end, and once we've got to target and maintained maybe we'll be able to treat ourselves now and again!
Definitely try the tetra option though, you never know that could help you sooo much during the diet. They sound lovely from what I've been reading! Have you tried the tetra's yet? They are really handy for rushing around and being on the go, I recommend if not :) x
Ok just had it as ice-cream and it was lovely! It was a nice change too. Highly recommended :)
havent tried them yet but may get 1 or 2 on friday when i see my cdc, my kids think they can have ice cream every time van comes round, sooo tempted to take a bite other day when they had one but kids had put sherbet on :sign0137: so was much easier to resist lol


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I deffo have to have one every day at around 4.00pm not long now:bliss:eek:h my god its 20 past 4 im off to have it now......

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