Icky ? - colonic irrigation


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This is a bit of an icky question. but just wondering if anyone here who is on a VLCD has had colonic irrigation. Am considering in and looking for advice.


I have. What do you want to know?
You are actially lying on your side facing away from the therapist, so don't see what is going on!
The part of the pipe that does the business is small, and honestly doesn't hurt. The embarassment factor beforehand is FAR worse than anything that happens in the treatment room! - and you feel SO clean afterwards, having seen, on like a TV screen all the rubbish that you have been carrying around - some of it for many years. There is nothing actually in the room, everything is sort of "plumbed in". I went to Coleanse
Do you mind me asking how much it costs????

I was always unsure about it - but just reading the info Ann put on I'm maybe interested!

Not the "ideal Xmas pressie" though!!!