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Green Days Ideas for green days

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Im having a green day today! got chicken supernoodles (3.5) for my lunch and Im making a spaghetti carbonara for my tea. I will post the receipe later if its nice lol! If you like rice i think the batchelors savoury rice is free and some pasta and sauce x
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Couscous/rice/bean/pasta salads are good for packed lunches. If you have a thermal flask you could take homemade soups in too. If you have access to a microwave you could do jacket potatoes with beans/hummus/syn free curries and chilli etc
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I do mostly green days, with the odd EE/Red thrown in, usually at w/e's. Im not veggie though so theres sometimes a bit of chicken in as a HEX or something. My diary ishere. On days when Im at uni I take my lunch and dinner with me as I dont get back til ten at the earliest, gone midnight if I go to the pub (classes dont finish til 8pm).

For my lunch I take something like a box of homemade free spicy hummus or a WW wrap stuffed with salad, cheese, jalapenos, or a box of leftover lentil/pasta salad or whatever. Then whatever my main lunch thing is I also take a box of carrot sticks and mixed veg crudites (eg baby corn, snap peas, baby tomatoes) and a load of fruit to snack on.

For my tea I take a flask of leftover soup/stew/casserole/whatever. I cook these for my normal tea all the time so I always just cook more than I need and freeze the leftovers, so I can just get a box out out and microwave it to take to uni. This week it'll be spicy black bean soup Wed and spicy root casserole Thu I think :)

Often take a flask of coffee with me too, cheaper than uni coffee and makes sure its skimmed milk. And I drink quite a bit of diet coke/soda on uni days, to keep me awake :) But I think the bubbles in it keep my tummy 'full' as well :D
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Im a green girl! :D

I mainly have a B choice (cereal or cereal bar) with yogurt and fruit for breakfast, sometimes on the weekend I will have toast and eggs with beans etc.

For lunch as Im normally at work so will either have pasta or something from the night before, or 9 times out of 10 a jacket potato with beans and salad. Sometimes I will pop by Tesco and have sushi some of them are 1 syn some of them 2! For dinner I will have pasta, potatoes or rice with loads of different stuff!! (Carboholic! :D)

Then in the evening I will have my second b choice as a snack!

I love green soo much, I eat such a variety of stuff. Dunno if thats helped or I just sound like a crazy green day fan! LOL
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i love green days ..i always find them so good for keeping you full!! heres some ideas from me!!

jacket potatos and cottage cheese/beans ..

pasta salad with a healthy extra of cheese and meat like chicken, tuna, ham or bacon thrown in

whole grain crackerbread (healthy extra) with laughing cow triangles (hxa) and a flask of home made soup

slimming world quiche.. you could make a big one and take in a couple of big wedges of it or how about making some mini ones in silicon cases .. these can be syn free aswell so you get to have a kitkat for your pud!

do you have access to a microwave.. the low fat super noodles are free and can be done in the microwave in about 6 minutes..you could have a bag of the steam fresh veg and shove these in the bowl at the same time of cooking them and you got yourself a little stirfry !!

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