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Ideas for jacket potato fillings?


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I'm having jacket potatoes for lunch today with Asda tinned chickpea dahl and creme fraiche. It's yummy! The dahl is free and the creme fraiche is 2.5 syns for the amount I'm having but you could have it without and it would be totally free.
coronation chicken
chicken tikka
mushy peas
mushy pea curry :)


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Im just having a jacket potato for lunch now. Keeping it simple today - cheese (hex) and crumbed ham with side salad. Pop in microwave to make cheese nice and gooey, just before serving. Yum, yum.....!


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How about tinned spaghetti.


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Chilli and Cheese - could be quorn chilli and then free is you use the HEA for your cheese!!!

I love chilli and cheese jackets.....yummmmmmie! x
i had a jacket for dinner. bake in the oven for an hour and half, cut in half scoop the filling out into a bowl mix in chopped fresh tomatoes, spring onion a little extra light spread and cooked chopped bacon spoon mixture back in the shells and put back in the oven for around 10 mins abolutely lush!
Coronation Chicken
Chicken Tikka
Baked Beans & Chopped Bacon
Tuna & Sweetcorn
Chilli Con Carne
Prawn Cocktail


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Sainsbury's vegetable ravoli, is nice
also any free food curry lots of recipes on here
Laughing Cow Light with Onion you get 5 for healthy extra so plenty of moisture in the potato.


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I do green days, although I've recently tried two or three EE days. I eat baked tatties like they're going out of fashion, but would struggle on EE as all my fillings are free, not superfree. And not all go well with a side salad! lol

My fave is Cottage Cheese with a chopped up hard boiled egg mixed through. Scrummy. In MY mind it tastes like egg mayo! lol
Hard boiled egg chopped up with tom and spring onion low fat mayo
pasta and sauce
tinned mackerel in tom sauce
quorn sausages and tinned toms
prawns and cottage cheese
Jayne x


Is a crunchy mama!
Sausage ragu (using Joe's sausages - free)
Tuna sweetcorn mayonnaise (Hellmann's extra light)
Laughing cow light & smiked salmon
Laughing cow light & crab
Laughing cow light & boiled eggs

I love laughing cow lights :D


Always comes back to MMs!
I bake some jackets a couple of days in advance and take to work, I usually just whack on top whatever I had for dinner the night before!!

Today I had SW Mac & Cheese from last night. It was YUM! I also really like using bolognese sauce from leftover sin free spag bol! xx

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