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Ideas for Philadelphia


I will be a yummy mummy!
my favorite is to slice a slit into a chicken breast at the side and fill with philadelphia and slices of tomato. secure the opening with a cocktail stick and bake in the oven for 20 mins or so.
Ooooh, that sounds delicious. Might have to try that one myself!
syn free chips

i have never been able to make syn free chips in my oven so have treated myself to a halogen oven but still they not right, does anyone know how to make them in a halogen


Strutting her stuff
You are probably better to post a new thread rather than adding your question on the end of one about phillie - I do not know anything about halogen but there will be other people who are able to help
on green plan you can have 57g of medium fat soft cheese as a hex but if i'm not mistaken you cant have it as hex on red or ee as it doesnt have enough calcium x phili lite for 28g is 2 syns xx
I actually saw the adverts on tv today and i was thinking of cooking with philli as well :D
so are we saying Philly light is a HE? im confused.. if so i've been counting it as syns when i could have had it for a HE.. lol
I didn't know about philly only being HEA on green, I thought a HEA/B was the same on all plans oh well:sigh: i'm cooking a lot with philly at mo n its not damaged my weight loss so might just continue as i am lol. I know i've stopped using it to stuff my chicken mine seems to disappear!!! Babybell is the future!!!

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