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Ideas for venison please


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As I now have half a deer in the freezer ........

The legs & steaks will be fine as I'll use them as is, but as for the rest of the meat - with summer coming I'm reluctant to make stews. So I'd like to make sausages, burgers etc but the meat is virtually fat free. Recipes I've found online say to add pork fat but of course that's a no no. Any ideas?
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I've never tried venison so don't know what it's like. If you mince it is it like normal beef/pork mince? If so then burgers are easy. They often say to add an egg to bind it together though I've found it much easier not to bother. I've made some pork burgers today, added onion chilli and some chopped up bacon to the mince. Squidged it all together and they've held just fine on the BBQ.

Sorry I can't be of much help, I'm sure it'll be lovely.:)


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Thanks Laura. Venison is very rich & virtually fat free (even lower in fat than chicken). The trouble is, because of its richness & lack of fat, it can be a bit overpowering & dry. I'm not all that keen on it, but as I've got it for nothing & the price of meat is so expensive I won't waste it.

I have a mincer so mincing it up won't be a problem. I was thinking of maybe adding some minced leeks to it & making my own skinless sausages, or even a spag bol. Maybe even shepherds pie.

Now why couldn't I think of those ideas last night when my freezer was being filled?
I'm sure whatever you decide it will be lovely. I read on here somewhere that someone had made burgers using the BBQ sauce to bind it together. Not sure if BBQ would suit if but perhaps you could use something similar to stop it being so dry. Your sausages sound yummy.

Whatever you decide to do enjoy.:)
Just a thought - how about using some low fat sausages and skinning these to add to your venison mince? Then you'd have some level of fat, but the result would be almost syn free?
I love venison and very envious!!!

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