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Ideas for weekends?


I was just wondering if you had any ideas of how to pass the time or keep your mind off the diet/away from food on a weekend?

I do really well monday to friday, there's always work to do (even tho I work from home I do keep busy and motivated) but then at the weekend I just seem to become occupied with the idea of eating... I guess it's cos my old mentality/routine was chinese on a Sat night whilst watching a film and then bacon sandwich on a Sunday morning... and daft as it seems I used to look forward to that... would get the cleaning done Saturday or go out see friends, relatives, or do the shopping, and then my chinese on Sat nights was my treat (I'm a bit sad lol)... I know I'll eventually be able to do that again in months/years time, and I really do want to carry on losing the weight, but the weekends are so so hard!

Any ideas at all, even little things, that you did to keep your mind away from the fridge (not that that matters here cos it's empty lol) or away from the takeaway menus!???

All ideas appreciated!

tinks x
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I always find it is a good idea to stay out of the house (shopping or somewhere with kids), then go to bed early!

Very boring, I know, but if it means sticking to the diet and fab weight loss, it is worth it.


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Scrabble, Sex, Nail Painting, Or sometimes I just go out! I have even know myself go to the old biddies bingo up the road to get out of the way of food, I was the youngest there by at least 30 years, in some cases 50 years! lol


Step away from the chips!
I'm doing a mini-redesign on my garden now that the weather is a bit better. I work my pants off out there during the day - cant eat with compost hands lol - then i'm pretty zapped so a nice long soak in the bath and reasonably early night with my new book.
I'm trying to get out as much with the children too, last weekend we went to a sea-life centre then a walk along the sea-front, this weekend we're going to the zoo. Anything to keep me out & about and my mind thinking about non-food things.
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Hi, I like to relax and luxuriate at the weekend too.

I don't eat my first pack till I feel hungry then I have a tetra while out shopping. Window shopping for dream clothes - there's nothing as motivating.

In the evening I either make a few large cappuccinos with coffee and a vanilla sachet split in 2 or 3. Or Crisps out of my favourite soup and nibble them slowly. Or a frozen chocolate tetra to scrape at slowly.

Fundamentally, snacking for fun is a habit to break but once I can eat real food, it'll be easier to make a few small healthy snacks or a healthy but tasty Saturday night meal.
wow, thanks so much guys! :D

I really do 'suffer' at weekends, I can do stuff during the day but then when come back home and am on my own I do get bored and feel 'its sat night= treat night!'...

Am def going to give myself a kick up the bum and try and re-do Sat treat night and instead of food might do a routine of nice soak in the bath, do my nails and instead of being downstairs try going to bed early and read or watch some tv with just my water at the side of me... i guess this diet is all about breaking the bad habits that caused us to get big in the first place!

keep em coming!

And thanks again! x


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
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I like to go for a drive, or go and visit some friends/family. Then long bath, manicure, mosturise, and relax in bed with the tv and heating on.
Try and get on top of washing, ironing, dusting, floor mopping, anything but keep busy :)
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I have taken to going to the cinema of an evening, I am totally the same as you absolutely fine during the day but the evenings are a killer. I find the cinema is great because it is two hours entertainment plus travelling time.

Plus as a bonus I tend to get through about a litre or two of water at the cinema!!!!!
Can I just say aswell as a good idea you've also given me some inspiration Mhairi-lou, reading your signature you've lost 5 inches off your bust in such a short time! I've not been measured, my CDC didn't do this, and unfortunately/fortunately my bosom is quite ample lol Am hoping this is one of the first places the weight will go from... my body is shrinking, just don't wanna be left with still a huge bust on a small frame, they'll get even more attention and comments lol

Your loss gives me hope!! :D

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